‘Malibu’, by Cali and El Dandee, is pure heartbreak

'Malibu', by Cali and El Dandee, is pure heartbreak

Cali and El Dandee couldn’t stand each other when they were little. They fought all the time. Now as adults they are the best buddies, and music was responsible.

Colombian brothers Mauricio (El Dandee) and Alejandro Rengifo (Cali) could disagree on everything except their passion for music. In fact, they were never “friends” during their school years, and their circle of friends was never the same.

“When we were in school we didn’t play together, each one had their parts,” El Dandee said in a recent interview. “We have come to go out together for about two or three years; Before, it was just work or being at home, but not a social life together.”

With music, the story was different. From a very young age they began to record their own songs. First they were copies of songs they liked, and little by little they made their own creations. Their story began when El Dandee was 11 years old and Cali was 6.

The brothers born in Cali distributed their recordings among friends and family with the sole intention of knowing their opinion, but as the years went by their style was defined, until YouTube appeared on the scene and the brothers’ music became a whole sensation.

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“Our music went to places we weren’t aware of,” Cali said. “This is how our career began.”

Currently, the artists promote “Malibu”, a pop and urban music album that they recorded precisely in a studio located on the Californian beaches of Malibu. But instead of telling “perfect” stories, like the ones known about this paradisiacal place, the musicians wrote not-so-happy songs.

“It’s a super melancholic album,” said El Dandee, who is 33. “We wanted to change the context […] We wanted a place as perfect as Malibu, as beautiful and as ‘happy ending’ to show another side of that kind of story.”

That’s how 90 percent of the lyrics on the album ended up being stories of heartbreak, stories that weren’t, of spite because “we like that contrast.”

“For us, happy love songs are the ones that leave you the most and the ones that we remember the most,” said Cali, who is five years younger than her brother. “But we feel that people, in a time of sadness, is when they most need a song to go with it.”

The album has collaborations with performers such as Luis Fonsi, Aitana, Boza, Dana Paola and Beret.

The duo plan to tour Europe in the summer but want to write more songs first.

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“We want to take advantage of the moment when creativity is flourishing,” said El Dandee.

'Malibu', by Cali and El Dandee, is pure heartbreak
The brothers plan to go to Europe with their music this summer. Photo: Courtesy

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