Maluma triumphs in memes after the defeat of Neymar in the Champions League

Maluma triunfa en los memes tras la derrota de Neymar en la Champions League

The Colombian was the protagonist in the memes against the Brazilian because of what happened previously in the week

The figure of PSG, Neymar, had a poor performance in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich and could not avoid the defeat of his team, which lost 1-0. The Brazilian, who had carried the Colombian singer Maluma days ago, was now the center of ridicule on the networks.

The image of Neymar crying after the defeat was used by his detractors, and by Maluma’s fans to ridicule him.

You can still go to Hawaii“,”In your face” and “Love to see you Cry”Were some of the expressions with which Twitter users made fun of the Brazilian.

Neymar had been shown singing the song “Hawaii” after beating Leipzig in the semifinal. It was interpreted as a clear mockery of Maluma, since that song supposedly the Colombian dedicated it to his ex, Natalia Barulich, who is rumored to be dating Neymar now.


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