Manuel Pellegrini has not exhausted his changes for three months

Manuel Pellegrini no agota sus cambios desde hace tres meses

Manuel Pellegrini has not tired of affirming in his appearances before the press that the success of the season of the Betis lies in the contribution of the entire workforce. The Chilean has practically all of his men plugged in, which has allowed him to continue fighting for a Champions League position, reach the Cup final and reach the round of 16 of the Europa League.

However, this statement contrasts with Pellegrini’s handling of substitutions during matches. And it is that Betis has not exhausted its five changes since it visited, and thrashed, Espanyol on January 21. Since then, the Verdiblancos have played 17 games and there has only been one exception in which all the resources of the bench were used again: the European second leg against Eintracht in which an extension was played.

Shield/Flag Betis

Usually Pellegrini usually uses four gears, although there have been few meetings in this series of 17 in which he has only made three. In the aforementioned match against Espanyol, Pellegrini brought out Víctor Ruiz, Camarasa, Guardado, Tello and Willian José.

Be that as it may, there are few objections to Pellegrini regarding the handling of his changes. Y the recent comeback against Cádiz is the best example, when the winning goals were signed by two of the men he took off from the bench: Tello and Borja Iglesias.

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