María Levy shares a self-portrait that shows her completely naked in a corner

María Levy comparte un autorretrato que la muestra completamente desnuda en un rincón

Although in the last days Mary Levy published in his account Instagram several panoramic photographs, now she has surprised friends and strangers with a couple of images that she called “self-portraits”.

In the photos, the daughter of Mariana levy she appears completely naked, sitting in a corner, covering her face with one hand and her breasts with one arm; images have already exceeded 25,000 likes.

As a complement, Mary Levy wrote a very long message, in which the following is highlighted: “I never talk about myself, but today I do and go to Chile… I have been feeling insecure, full of complexes… today I feel better. here I go, little by little. learning to honor who I am… ⁣⁣⁣I wanted to share these photos… they are both instagram worthy, they both show my true self. ⁣⁣..We must honor and embrace our most honest self. when not posed, not edited. to the relaxed, to the real.⁣⁣ ”⁣

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