Maria Montessori DVD competition – Discover Montessori

Maria Montessori DVD competition - Discover Montessori

Hello everyone,

On the occasion of the release of the DVD Maria Montessori, I am very happy to announce the opening of a competition, thanks to the publisher Saje Distribution, in order to be able to win your DVD! A DVD is to be won here and the second on Facebook page. To play, it is very simple: write a comment under this article telling me what the pedagogy has changed in your life. The contest will remain online for two weeks, and the winner will be drawn and contacted at the end of the contest. Do not hesitate to share the contest around you, in order to publicize the life and revolutionary work of Maria Montessori!

Maria Montessori, the most famous pedagogue in the world

“3 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and awarded the Legion of Honor in 1949, Maria Montessori is the most famous teacher in the world! Its method of education is now very popular and popular, with more than 35,000 Montessori schools around the world.

The film Maria Montessori tells the story of this strong, courageous and pioneering woman, who in 1896 became one of the first female doctors in Italy. The film chronicles her fight for the education of all children, showing how she made her place in the world of men and infused revolutionary new educational methods.

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Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli – appreciated by the Italian public – Maria Montessori is a moving and moving film, through the passionate and dramatic love story of her heroine.

Set at the end of the 19th century / beginning of the 20th century, the film Maria Montessori also benefits from a beautiful reconstruction of the period, with magnificent sets and costumes. “

Synopsis of the film

Rome, 1892, Maria Montessori, a young medical student, struggles to find her place in a man’s world. To be accepted, she has to be the best, never showing signs of weakness. She meets a young and fascinating teacher. Giuseppe Montesano. Together, they begin to work on a project to help retarded and abandoned children, and secretly live a passion. But they are not married, and Maria becomes pregnant: their illegitimate child must be hidden in order to avoid a scandal. As she finds herself unable to raise her own child. Maria decides to continue fighting for her ideas and for the education of all children …

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