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marilyn monroe

The psychology that Monroe trusted so much reveals the various nuances of his personality.

Marilyn Monroe, she had a deep melancholic or depressive personality, and it is that throughout his life he experienced many losses; the fact that she was abandoned at an early age by her mother was a watershed that became more acute and this explains why everything she did was a way of defense, she says Hans Olvera, a researcher at the Department of Psychology at the Universidad Iberoamericana, who offers us a brief analysis of what happened in his mind and in his behavior.

Married at age 16 to James Dougherty, whom she never loved, and her multiple sexual relationships without wanting or enjoying them, was part of that instinct for self-protection. Beyond her role as an actress, the histrionics and that ability to show herself to the world happy, apparently happy and carefree, was also a way of defending herself from her environment. According to the expert, for a large part of her life that was positive, because thanks to that she was able to develop her artistic abilities while keeping her melancholic structure contained.

Marilyn, she achieved acceptance in high places by looking for men who embodied power and at the social level, thereby reinforcing a psychological element called narcissism, which sometimes makes us think that there are self-esteem and self-love in the person; However, in reality, this is false, because such security exists as soon as there is someone who reinforces it, but without this condition, security is conspicuous by its absence.

But really, what did he think Marilyn? Literally, her existence was marked by fantasy, everything around her was appearance; however, the void was permanently present. From the expert’s point of view, the episode of her death that occurred on the night of August 5, 1962, under the official version that she had committed suicide, fully corresponds to her psychological profile.

“This does not mean that she actually committed suicide, there were many circumstances around that indicate otherwise, but it is a fact that due to her structure, she could have had a suicidal idea, in fact, it is said that on previous occasions she had tried and it is possible that these antecedents have been used by a perverse system urged to get rid of it, “suggests Olvera.

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I am selfish, impatient, and a little insecure.- Marilyn Monroe

What Does Marilyn Monroe Physiognomy Reveal?

The art of Mian Xiang, or face reading, reveals character, personality, and luck. The specialist Andrea Diaz offers us a deep interpretation of the actress’s features.

Her oval face

The oval shape of her face speaks of a sociable person with possibilities of succeeding in the field of communication since she was naive and reliable. Her opportunities to make her fortune were clear, as well as to conquer high positions.

Her soft and sharp voices

She revealed her loneliness and incompatibility with her partner, due to her low tolerance and selfishness. She was certainly unfaithful in all her relationships and specifically when she was married to. DiMaggio said that she would never be the typical Italian wife he wanted.

Her hairline

The sharp lines at the birth of her hair exposed her focus on achieving success even at the cost of her family life, so much so that it cost her three marriages.

Her big eyelashes

They were a sign of her sensitive and spiritual heart, always seeking love and wanting to trust others fully.

Her nose and her mole

Her nose revealed her tendency toward depression, but also the strength to speak her mind. While her mole meant that she was a lover of good food and the pleasures of life.

The shape of her teeth

It indicated good luck, success, wealth, and good health. That was almost until the end of her life when depression took her in her hands.

Marilyn Monroe birth chart

The astrological chart of Marilyn “The sky map at the moment of his birth”, is a kind of photography of the cosmos that reveals the tendencies that he had throughout his life. Born under the sign of Gemini, an air sign represented by duality, she lived with the characteristic duplicity of the natives of Mercury, changing and restless. It was difficult for her to express her needs, as well as countless reflections on her intimate desires: being a mother and raising a family. Neptune is in the first house on her map and it is likely that those who knew her had difficulty understanding her way of being, perceived as changeable and irascible.

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She was a woman with a sharp intuition, her emotional world was rough and she was sensitive to the needs of others. Her astrological configuration indicates that her first marriage broke with her past of poverty. She was not able to become a mother and on her astral map appears difficulty in achieving pregnancy, in addition to having the possibility of a loss of pregnancy processes, a situation that caused her deep suffering and sadness. Venus is present on her map, which shows enormous artistic ability and beauty. This configuration could also have influenced her to waste her assets and the pursuit of a lifestyle full of pleasures, and even excesses and vices.

Her signature also speaks

Honored, cunning, diplomatic, and endowed with a strong character that contrasted with her sensual and almost childish image, this was this sexy bomb, and that, she signed it. Discover from all possible angles the overwhelming personality of Marilyn Monroe, leads to know it in the deepest. Thousands of stories can be told about what he thought, felt, and how he acted, with truths and lies, but what he reveals with his handwriting reveals it. The reason? Very simple. Every time we write, the brain and the emotions that generate the moments of life we ​​go through intervene.

In a study of his signature carried out by the graphologist Maria Fernanda Centeno, there is much to know about this blonde who has stolen our hearts. «The speed with which she traces her signature speaks of a woman with a strong, dynamic, ambitious, impatient character; She had quick mental processes, while the movement she prints in her signature reveals a clever, manipulative Marilyn with a clear tendency to blackmail people when it comes to getting something at whatever cost?

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The inclination of his letter to the right shows an extremely sensual woman, with great needs for affection and acceptance by those around her. As for her relationships, there is no doubt that her choices confirm what her lyrics reveal: for her, it was essential that she felt admiration for the man with whom she shared her life.

She was definitely a vain girl and fully aware of her physical qualities, she was cunning, self-centered, and fearful of criticism, she needed to feel flattered for her tranquility and personal security, this is shown by the structure of her ornate handwriting, as well as the size of the two letters eme.

marilyn monroe

The note of the Hotel Bel-Air

In the mythical world of Monroe, there is a letter addressed to her teacher Lee Strasberg in which there is a fragment that reveals the anguish and insecurity that I was going through at that moment: «My will is weak! I cannot bear anything. I sound crazy, but I think I’m going crazy.

Although it is speculated that this letter was written prior to her death, it is not dated, therefore it is impossible to know if she really intended to announce the alleged suicide or if it was motivated by another event. The truth, says the graphologist, is that this letter attests to the difficult life circumstances that haunted her.

“When he wrote that letter, Marilyn it was a roulette of emotions, he was afraid; From her perspective, her life was meaningless, she was worried, anxious, and full of anxiety. You can see a woman addicted to pills and who absolutely did not enjoy what she had or what happened to her. I wanted to find congruence between what I was doing and what I was thinking, but I did not know what decisions to make and I felt that I was extremely vulnerable, she once again shows her need for affection and to be valued “, says the expert in graphology Maria Fernanda Centeno.

marilyn monroe

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