Entertainment Celebrity Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs! (And of...

Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs! (And of his great love)


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The actor shared a photo in which he poses in a bathing suit with his wife Rhea to show that, at 49 and 42 years respectively, they have nothing to envy the young people of 20.

In the summer months, social networks are filled with young people showing off the fruits of a whole year of training during their getaways to paradisiacal destinations. However, Mark Wahlberg has just shown that twentysomethings or thirties are not the only ones who dominate posture in Instagram.

This week, the famous actor shared several photos from his Idaho vacation, including one in which he appears posing with his wife. Rhea Durham in a bathing suit.

This snapshot has served to make two things clear: first, that they are still as in love as the first day, and second, that they can compete in attractiveness with any couple half their age.

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Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs!

Mark He chose to accompany the image with a simple and direct message dedicated to his wife, with whom he has four children and shared the last two decades of his life: “My heart.” Rhea He also uploaded the photo to his profile with the caption: “Life on the Lake.”

In the case of Mark, his impressive physique is the result of a rigid routine that leads him to get up every weekday at four in the morning to start training with a two-hour session. He also often resorts to cryotherapy, enduring temperatures below 60 degrees below zero for three minutes, to avoid injury and to be able to maintain his intense exercise rhythm.

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In their Stories He has also shown that he does not take a break even on vacation and that he continues to go to the gym to break a sweat with his friends.

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- Advertisement -Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs!  (And of his great love)Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs!  (And of his great love)

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- Advertisement -Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs!  (And of his great love)Mark Wahlberg shows off his abs!  (And of his great love)

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