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Mastercard chooses AVA Labs to participate in its Start Path Crypto accelerator - DiarioBitcoin For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The announcement comes in the midst of the growing boom associated with AVA Labs Y Avalanche, network where the ecosystem DeFi begins to grow rapidly due to the operational properties of the network Blockchain for near-instant transactions at low cost.


The widely used credit and debit card issuing company around the world, Mastercard, announced the choice of AVA Labs and four other companies to participate in the new edition for its crypto accelerator, which would be aimed at solving some of the global challenges facing technology. Blockchain nowadays.

AVA Labs and other companies will participate in Start Path Crypto

Better known as “Start Path Crypto“, This would be the new edition of its accelerator program originally dedicated to supporting companies with their business models, Start Path, which dates from 2014 and this time will focus on addressing the specificities of the cryptocurrency sector and Blockchain, this in view of the new trends in payments and information records.

As such, the unit Start Path Crypto chose the entity that develops smart contracts AVA Labs to participate in its program, this hand in hand with other companies such as Envel (from the AI ​​sector), Kash (P2P savings platform), LVL (banking app Bitcoin) Y NiftyKey (crypto rewards service).

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In the case of AVA Labs, keep in mind that the organization is known mainly for the development of the network Blockchain Avalanche, one of the projects that is currently very relevant precisely for its properties in terms of scalability, speed and low cost per operations, which has attracted many initiatives interested in taking advantage of these qualities for their business models. The sector that is currently gaining more relevance in its ecosystem is that of decentralized finance (DeFi), which has more than USD $ 12,600 million available in guarantee funds to date.

In this regard, the president of AVA Labs, John Wu, commented:

“Mastercard is setting an example for representatives of all industries on how to embrace innovation, rather than fight it. We look forward to working with projects and partners in the Start Path program to accelerate the positive impact that Blockchain technology will have for individuals and institutions around the world. ”

Start Path from Mastercard and the endorsement of Blockchain

The fact that this new edition of Start Path is especially aimed at companies in the crypto sector and Blockchain, It puts exactly on the table the relevance that this technology is having in recent times, especially within the main financial sectors.

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In this regard, the executive vice president of the new digital infrastructure and financial technology area for Mastercard, Jess Turner commented:

“Whether to improve financial freedom or a new value-added service using stablecoins, we believe that our new cohorts of Start Path crypto and digital asset companies, combined with Mastercard’s expertise in the space, will accelerate access to new forms of payment and prioritize options for consumers and businesses.

Let us bear in mind that in the last edition of the program Start Path held in the middle of this year also addressed the crypto sector. On that occasion, entities such as GK8, Domain Money, Mintable, SupraOracles, STACS, Taurus and Uphold, which also aimed to promote innovation and the adoption of technology Blockchain, seeking its interaction with other sectors where digital currencies see greater utility.

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