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Matthew Perry, the famous Chandler from ‘Friends’, offers his ‘mansion in heaven’ for sale


- Advertisment -Matthew Perry, the famous Chandler from 'Friends', offers his 'mansion in heaven' for sale

In addition to being famous for being located on the 40th floor, the property is also known for having its own ‘batcave’.

Matthew Perry is looking for an owner to his ‘batcave’.

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Matthew Perry, who became world famous for being part of the series ‘Friends’ with the Chandler character, he recently joined the long list of celebrities who have faced big problems getting rid of his luxurious properties, having not yet found the owner of his The Angels.

The house, which is colloquially known as the ‘mansion in heaven’, It was acquired by the famous actor, in 2017, by $ 20 million dollars.

Two years later he tried to sell it in $ 35 million, but the lack of interested parties led him to reconsider his position.

He recently announced it again, but now in $ 27 million, so far it has not been successful.

The apartment, located on the 40th floor and considered the most expensive in Los Angeles, has an extension of 9,300 square feet, distributed in four bedrooms, eight bathrooms and four terraces with spectacular views of the city.

It also has a high-end white kitchen with a breakfast area and separate seating.

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In addition to being known as the ‘mansion in heaven’, the penthouse also it is nicknamed as the ‘batcave’, due to the various elements alluding to Batman that Matthew Perry has in his home.

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He has a movie theater in which he honors Gotham’s hero, as well as a room for his pool table.

In addition to the amenities you have in your penthouse, the building, marked with the number 1W of Century Dr.It has a swimming pool, gym, wine cellar and cinema room to be occupied by all the inhabitants of the property.

The reasons why Matthew Perry decided to sell his house are none other than the little time he spent there, since he spends most of the year in his mansion in Malibu or in the city of New York.

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- Advertisement -Matthew Perry, the famous Chandler from 'Friends', offers his 'mansion in heaven' for saleMatthew Perry, the famous Chandler from 'Friends', offers his 'mansion in heaven' for sale

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- Advertisement -Matthew Perry, the famous Chandler from 'Friends', offers his 'mansion in heaven' for saleMatthew Perry, the famous Chandler from 'Friends', offers his 'mansion in heaven' for sale

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