Mauricio Ochmann talks about Aislinn Derbez’s alleged romance with Jesh de Rox

Mauricio Ochmann habla del supuesto romance de Aislinn Derbez con Jesh de Rox

Mauricio Ochmann Respond if you are aware of the alleged new relationship of the mother of your daughter Kailani.

During his arrival in Mexico City from the Mexican Caribbean where he spent a few days in the company of his eldest daughter Lorenza, the Mexican actor shared his opinion about the supposed romance that his ex-wife maintains, Aislinn derbez, with the photographer Jesh de Rox, ensuring she has every right to go out with whoever she wants.

The truth is that I am not aware, she does not need my approval to have a relationship. No man at all (it bothers him) she has every right to go out with whoever she wants“, The actor is heard saying before the camera of the program ‘Hoy’.

In addition, he responded to Eugenio Derbez, who in past days claimed him for continually taking him on a trip to Kailani and not allowing the whole family to live with the little one.

He spends a lot of time with his dad, it’s normal, but they also enjoy it, of course we are family, everyone enjoys it“Said the 43-year-old actor, who at all times avoided stopping to speak to the media.

Before retiring, I avoid answering if it is true that he and Aislinn derbez they parted while still in love:

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We love each other very much and we have a wonderful relationship and we have managed to get along well and that’s right, we are family“, He finished.


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