Max Weinbach gives us the exact release date of the iPhone 14

iPhone 14 concept

Things are moving around Apple. While we were talking to you this weekend about the presentation keynote of the next iPhone, it seems that the date is becoming clearer day by day. Indeed, in our previous article we talked about September without Sam Kohl, owner of the YouTube channel iupdate, giving any further details.

But today it’s Max Weinbach’s turn to speak. The man is an expert on the Apple brand and although his name is much less known than Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo, he remains one of the most listened to analysts when it comes to Apple.

iPhone 14 on sale September 16

So when in a tweet (below) he precisely announces the date of Apple’s next keynote, everyone listens and relays the information. In his message of less than 280 characters, the analyst explains that Apple will present the next iPhone to the world on September 6th.

That leaves little time for Apple, and it would be quite an early schedule compared to other years. But Weinbach’s idea holds water. Indeed, Apple could offer two keynotes with only a month interval between the two. It would therefore be logical for the Apple brand to want to postpone the release date of the iPhone to allow more time between this conference and that of October, which should focus on Macs and iPads.

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For his part, Weinbach nevertheless tempers his announcement. Within his tweet, he recalls that the information is not 100% reliable and that things are still likely to evolve. Today, Max Weinbach has a correct ad rate of 69% according to Apple Track, it’s roughly the same scores as Jon Prosser (69%) and Ming-Chi Kuo (72%).

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