Maybe you are not as good as you think

Tal vez no eres tan bueno como crees

Do you consider yourself a good person? You will surely answer yes.

I have yet to meet anyone who has declared, “I’m bad.” Many claim: “I am a good person because I do not harm anyone”, others say: “I am good because I have never stolen or tell lies.” But wait! To be a good person you not only have to avoid doing bad things, you have to do good things!

Here are the top three characteristics of really good people.

Be humble: Never believe that you are better than anyone else, because you are not! The humble, despite his achievements, does not proclaim them and his simplicity identifies him.

Be generous: Generosity does not depend on how much you give. That is to say, generous is not the one who has much and is splendid, but the one who has little and gives much. A detached person does not care if you bring him a gift on his birthday, rather he worries that you feel important at his party.

Be compassionate: Compassion is much more than giving a dollar to a beggar, rather it is putting yourself in his shoes and feeling his suffering. Good people empathize with the pain of others, whether it’s an injured puppy or someone who has lost their job, and they do what they can to help them.

After reading these characteristics, I ask you: Do you need to develop one of these qualities? If you lack one of them, perhaps you are practicing the opposite. The opposite of humility is arrogance. The opposite of generosity is selfishness and the number one enemy of compassion is indifference.

I motivate you to work on that quality in which you falter. Do at least one good deed daily that shows your humility, generosity, or compassion. The wonderful thing about being good is that your kind actions are always rewarded. As the Chinese proverb says: “there is always a little fragrance in the hand of the one offering flowers.”

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