Mayeli Alonso is the first eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 2, after an argument with Niurka Marcos

Mayeli Alonso is the first eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 2, after an argument with Niurka Marcos

Mayeli Alonso at Radio Awards 2021.

Mayeli Alonso at Radio Awards 2021.

Photo: Victor Chavez. /Getty Images

The public of Telemundo voted for his first eliminated. It is not known if he himself did not like that Mayeli Alonso give details of Lupillo Rivera Y Belinda or if they simply did not connect with the singer’s ex. The truth is that she already said goodbye to The House of the Famous 2. All this happens after the Mexican had an argument with Niurka Marcos a bit risque.

For everyone it could be unthinkable. if you saw her in Rich Famous Latinait will not be difficult for them to imagine that Mayeli Alonso would be one of the characters that could cause more controversy in The House of the Famous. In fact, that’s how it started to happen but the public decided and, with 33.7% of the votes, it’s the first eliminated from Telemundo’s reality show. moments before, Niurka Marcos and Mayeli Alonso, who are not known if they are still presumed friends, staged a heated discussion.

“The only people who say who is weak or strong are out there,” he says. Niurka Marcos. “No my queen you are wrong. Not my queen. Strong, I mean a guy who kills himself in the kitchen so that everyone can swallow … Period! … You are not going to tell me what you are thinking, ”he said Mayeli Alonso from the dining room The House of the Famous 2. However, the public spoke and his elimination was imminent.

In his participation he let it be known that he spoke with Jenni Rivera, sister of her Mayeli Alonso, ex of Lupillo Rivera, shows off her waist wearing a short top, days before the accident in which she lost her life occurred. She practically implied that “La Diva de La Banda” could have foreseen her death. She also said that she, over time, ended up distancing herself from the Rivera family. Let us remember that Mayeli is the aunt-in-law of Chiquis Rivera and his brothers.

After knowing she was eliminated, like the participants that will follow her, she sat down to talk with Hector Sandarti Y Jimena Gallego. There she was seen happy and very grateful for the opportunity. She also made it clear that not everyone likes the way she is: “What they saw, that’s who I am. A woman without… Unfortunately there are people who cannot accept when someone raises their voice… I don’t regret everything I developed in the house. I feel happy… I feel extremely happy, believe me, that it has stayed Osvaldo Rios instead of me… I saw him suffer, I saw what he fought to be there and I know how much he wants it and I’m just starting my career, ”said Mayeli Alonso, very excited about her participation and departure from The House of the Famous two.

Despite Mayeli Alonso will no longer be in the reality show Telemundo, many of the people who don’t know her already know who she is. In addition, she has left the competition with a lot of anecdotes and the experience of having been in a larger project with a much more international projection. Precisely, in the most emotional participation that the Mexican had within The House of the Famoustalked about his participation in Rica Famosa Latina, reality show made by the Estrella TV channel.

Mayeli Alonso said that his participation in the show would have triggered his separation from Lupillo Rivera. She also assured that at that time she did not receive any type of help other than the salary from that channel and that the same: “It was not much 2. However, she explained how that situation made her undertake and succeed as a businesswoman.

It has not yet been officially confirmed, but the rumor has already begun to spread in Instagram that Mayeli could be in a supposed next edition of Rica Famosa Latina. What is certain is that after this show and Mayeli Alonso’s growth in recent years, the fees are most likely much higher than for the time she participated in it.

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