Mazda3 rotary engine Mad Mike Pikes Peak 2022

Mazda3 rotary engine Mad Mike Pikes Peak 2022

It’s nothing new, Mad Mike is a fan of Mazda and now, after showing us his wild Mazda MX-5 ND a long time ago, he comes with a new proposal based on a Mazda3.

Four doors, four seats, four rotors and 1,200 hp in a Mazda3 that honestly, of Mazda3 already has very little.

As you may already know, Mazda could go back to using a rotary engine in a high-performance car context thanks to some patents representing a rear-wheel drive hybrid Wankel sports car. While we wait to see if these plans come to fruition, someone Mad Mike has overtaken Mazda.


For the 100th race of Pikes Peak International Hillclimb this year, he will make his way on his race to the clouds with a fully converted Mazda3 with four rotors and rear-wheel drive.

At the moment we have a drawing, several vinyls that we understand will be the companies that are supplying the pieces and we really want to see it.

Among the brands involved in this transformation we find Garrett (turbocharger), KW (shock absorbers), and Haltech (ECU). Rays and Toyo are not missing either.

We will keep an eye on the project.

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