Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes & 4 vegetarian recipes with tomatoes

Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a nutritional and medicinal treasure, discover delicious ways to take advantage of them

Tomatoes are the infallible ally of gastronomy worldwide. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

What would gastronomy be without succulent and juicy tomatoes? Without a doubt, the more we know them, the more we love them. Best of all, they are not only a wonderful and indispensable culinary ally, they are a nutritional treasure that provides great therapeutic benefits.

Tomato is one of the vegetables of greater versatility and throughout its evolution, it has developed thousands of varieties of tomatoes (to be more specific about 20,000) and is found in all kinds of peculiar shapes, colors, and aromas. While the most famous is vibrant red tomatoes they are also found in yellow, orange, pink, green, multi-colored, and striped.

Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Spanish Heart Foundation, recommend integrating tomato consumption as an important part of the daily diet. This is due to the unmatched medicinal benefits of tomatos:

  • Tomatoes are very low in calories, this is largely due to the fact that near the 95% of its composition is water. That is why they are a great ally to lose weight and at the same time, they are associated with purifying properties.
  • Its high content in Vitamin A, protect eye health and sight.
  • Tomato is one of the most important foods to ensure good cardiovascular health, this is due to its great antioxidant power and mineral richness. They intervene in a positive way by improving the flexibility of the blood vessels. Specifically his contribution of iron and vitamin K, they are relevant to ensure the good condition of the blood and good coagulation.
  • They relate to a prominent anticancer effect.
  • Its high content in lycopene intervenes in the good condition of the bones.
  • It is good food for improving digestion, thanks to their fiber content, they intervene in accelerating intestinal transit and they are a good complement to fight constipation.
  • it’s high in potassium and low in sodium, make it an important natural diuretic. Its consumption is helpful for eliminate fluid retention and toxins housed in the body.
  • Its outstanding antioxidant power protects skin, hair, and nails.
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Vegetarian Recipes With Tomatoes

One of his most great qualities is due to their exceptional versatility, which allows them to be enjoyed in thousands and exquisite ways. Known 4 delicious and original vegetarian recipes in which tomatoes are the main star.

1. Roasted tomato soup

Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes & 4 vegetarian recipes with tomatoes

Tomatoes are part of delicious and unmatched warm and comforting recipes, that is why they are the ideal complement for cooking soups. The tomato soup recipe is just perfect, as it is a very filling, complete, and nutritious soup. It is a good alternative for cold days good recommendation is to prepare more than usual and have it ready just to warm up; result in an ideal light lunch or dinner.

2. Mixed tomato salad

Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes & 4 vegetarian recipes with tomatoes

The unbeatable taste of tomatoes allows us to enjoy them in numerous ways, it is the key ingredient in recipes that go from the simplest to the elaborate. Consuming it fresh is equally delicious, which is why it is a great element in all kinds of salads and ceviches. This salad recipe is simple and simply perfect, at the same time it is very low in calories and helps lose weight.

3. Vegetarian lasagna

Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes & 4 vegetarian recipes with tomatoes

Combining flavors and textures that offers to unite pasta and tomato, it is heavenly. These are classic flavors that leave their mark, such as the case with this exquisite vegetarian lasagna recipe; in which tomato sauce is the main star. It is an extraordinary option for meetings and dinners with friends, which is a comforting and generous dish.

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4. Tomato and watermelon gazpacho

Medicinal Benefits Of Tomatoes & 4 vegetarian recipes with tomatoes

There is nothing more refreshing than a very cold plate of gazpacho. This traditional Spanish soup is the perfect dish for enjoying summer and hot days and the best of all is that it is extremely easy to prepare. It shot, light, and packed with nutrients, undoubtedly represents the ideal option for people who follow a vegetarian diet.

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