5 medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

¿Tardas mucho en quedarte dormido? Descubre 5 bebidas medicinales para mejorar la calidad del sueño

A good sleep pattern is a crucial element of health for living well. Discover the best medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep.

Secure a good rest is essential for health and is related to numerous aspects to the physical and psychological level, that is why a bad rest has negative consequences on the body, brain function, and the risk of suffering from various degenerative diseases is increased. In fact, sleep well or bad is as important as following good nutrition.

The current lifestyle, accelerated, with high levels of stress, sedentary, and follow a poor diet and low in nutrients, are factors that are directly related to the appearance of various sleep disorders.

Poor quality of sleep is a condition that may be temporary and derive in certain periods of stress O well can become chronic. Initially, the consequences of an inadequate night’s rest appear on a physical level through fatigue, drowsiness, Headaches, concentration problems, and in general poor performance in daily activities. On a psychological level, sleeping badly has a serious effect on mood and can lead to diseases such as depression and anxiety.

The good news is that there are several currents of natural medicine, herbal medicine, and phytotherapy, What are they powerful tools to improve health. These types of trends are related to the use of ingredients of great medicinal potential, the best to treat sleep conditions and disorders are those that stand out for their calming and anxiolytic properties. Tea is the most recommended drink treat the sleep problems, and insomnia, this is due to their antioxidant benefits and its aromatic potential that help calm stress and promote the release of wellbeing and sleep hormones.

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Medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

1. Lavender infusion

medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

Since ancient times lavender has been used as a powerful relaxing agent, that is why today it is one of the most popular remedies for calm altered states and promotes good rest. It is one of the aromatic herbs most famous for wellness, this is due to its benefits for calm the central nervous system. It is related to great qualities to quiet the mind, decrease stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is advisable to drink a lavender infusion freshly prepared before bed, it is also perfect to use as an essential oil.

2. Lemon balm or lemon balm tea

medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

Infusion of lemon balm is also known as lemon balm or lemon balm and it is an Aromatic herb that belongs to the mint family. For decades it has been used as a great remedy for treat health disorders, among which stand out anxiety, insomnia, and indigestion. Its great qualities for improving sleep quality They are due to the medicinal power found in lemon balm extracts, which are related to a sedative, calming, and anxiolytic effect. A good recommendation from specialists in medicine and sleep disorders is combined it with valerian.

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3. Chamomile tea

medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

Probably chamomile infusion is the queen when it comes to calm the spirits and nervousness. It also stands out for its qualities for the benefit of the digestive system and is a natural relaxant most powerful. His power to fight insomnia is due to its ability to increase serotonin and melatonin levels, which helps reduce anxiety and stress, is also vital for regulating sleep cycles.chamomile tea

4. Valerian infusion

medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

Valerian is another of the medicinal plants most used to treat sleep and emotional disorders naturally and with no side effects. It is popular for its calming, relaxing, and sleep-inducing action, it is a plant that acts as a sedative by relaxing the brain and nervous system. Its famous and intense effects are due to the acid and antioxidant content of its root; valerenic acid increases the amount of GABA in the brain (the main neurotransmitter that inhibits the central nervous system). It is also related to a high in antioxidants how hesperidin and linarin, which contain sedative properties that help provide us with a state of relaxation and well-being.

5. Almond and hemp milk

medicinal drinks to improve the quality of sleep

It is well known that a glass of warm milk with honey It is an effective remedy to promote good sleep, however lately the great effects of almond and hemp milk; This is due to its high content in proteins and amino acids and especially for its contribution in tryptophan, a key substance in serotonin production (the hormone that regulates sleep). Which are related to tranquilizing effects and benefit the functioning of the nervous system.

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