Meditate to let go and live happily


Learning to live fully and see things as they are, without judging them, becoming aware of what they represent, is possible thanks to the doctrine Vipassana.

What do we mean? It is a transcendental Indian meditation that will undoubtedly be your ally to relax in these days of refuge at home.

When they asked the doctor and forerunner of the mindfulness movement, Jon Kabat-Zinn, in which the detachment was recorded, replied humbly: “Give more than you can and trust that you are richer than you think”.

The famous academic revealed that such a position before life generates high moods and allows you to enjoy more robust health.

In this sense, the current started by this professor emeritus of medicine, rooted in meditation Vipassana (one of the oldest in humanity), has been spread throughout the world by teachers of reflection, one of them is the coach of life Ilana Ospina, facilitator mindfulness certified with the method Eckhart Tolle, who, together with the app Petit BamBou, seeks to promote well-being and mental balance through various modes of meditation to focus and have deep affective relationships, as well as more positive thoughts. How powerful is the mind?

“When we close our eyes and breathe, we give the brain the opportunity to channel, through oxygen, every corner of our body, paying attention to trapped emotions. Therefore, by locating our discomforts and focusing on what torments us, we can break down the suffering, especially if we do not judge harshly the people or issues that hurt us, since by removing the negative charges we access rest and various solutions. To look inward is to want to navigate the world, but from our nature; when we listen to our needs we avoid getting sick and resentful, that gives us full awareness of everything, “he explains Ospina.

Meditate to let go and live happily

Therefore, every time you use the powerful electromagnetism that each mind has to attract what it seeks, do it in favor of things that make you happy or bring you serenity.

The mind is able to block out the noise of trivial things; however, also to increase it, so Ilana He recommends meditating frequently, so that it becomes a permanent habit, which will provide us with spiritual and physical benefits, such as circulation, digestion and even nasal decongestion.

Satari: be here and now

The expert mentions that one of the great precepts of Buddha is to live in the present as the word indicates ‘Sati’ in Pali, which means to revive, that is, to live this moment, bring us back to the present and not be burdened by the past or the future; satari it is then, the consequence of resisting uncertainty and mindfulness He takes it up so that, through small exercises, both bodily and mental, we let go of those issues that plague us every day.

It is difficult not to be apprehensive about what hurts or worries us, but letting things cool will always be better, we can positively activate ourselves through sounds or words of thanks, which allow us to free ourselves from the weight of our own or others’ actions.

When we live in the present and forgive, we not only relax our heart rate, but we prepare the mind for more evolved states, such as compassion, which prevents us from engaging in useless discussions or holding a grudge. Therefore, recovering the present also means recovering the internal balance and fully taming the eventualities that afflict us and that are temporary.

“Happiness and suffering come from your thoughts, not from the outside … To obtain fullness and pacify suffering you have to learn to work within your own mind.” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist scholar and renowned meditator

Gift of greatness

In accordance with Ospina, after letting go of what makes us unhappy and seeing the nature of the problems, the next step on the road to evolution is compassion, and this is only acquired as an act of self-generosity towards others, where It does not matter how bad or good the others are, because you respect them for what they represent and not for what they mean to you, in this way, you allow love to seize you and that the gifts of the universe are manifested through their gifts, as a more pleasant life and well-being, which in turn is reflected in your emotional relationships, income and everything that is important to you.

According to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, when you practice compassion, change your perception by not accumulating resentment.

“What you do not appropriate, appropriates you,” he explains, which wreaks havoc on emotional and physical health, “so get rid of what does not concern you and take advantage of what is your responsibility.”

In other words, we must take responsibility for what is in our hands to change, the rest is background work.

By: Carolina M. Payán

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