Meet Joe Joe, the son of Maripily Rivera for whom he thought of suicide

Meet Joe Joe, the son of Maripily Rivera for whom he thought of suicide

Recently the influencer Maripily Rivera formally presented her new boyfriend to the media, Its about Peruvian presenter Miguel Arce, who has become the second most important man in the presenter’s life after her son Joe Joe.

As a result of his relationship with Joey García, the Puerto Rican brought to the world who would be the greatest love of his life, his son Joe Joe, whom he loves with all his might. She herself has said on several occasions who dedicated himself body and soul to take care and educate your little one after separation with the father of her child.

The love for your little one is such that the famous one even came to think of suicide when her son decided to stop living with her. “I felt like I was destroying myself inside like a mom, I even thought about taking my life… I have moments when I would like to have him by my side, but I can’t be selfish, because he’s already a man, not a baby“The influencer said in an interview for” A New Day. “

Despite how difficult their separation was, the relationship between the two is very good and Both mother and son seek to see each other as much as they can.

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The young man recently graduated from fourth year, so his mother dedicated some touching words: “Congratulations to my beautiful man Mami. At your graduation today fourth year, another chapter in your life that you close with a flourish. Congratulations and proud of all your successes my beautiful man and god continue blessing every step you take in your life. Now hit that University in Boston I know you will also get your diploma. My adorable son .. I love you very much“Wrote the fitness expert.

In addition to being about to start his college career, Joe Joe is a person with a great sense of family. It has shown us in your account Instagram than he values ​​his friends very much, whether partying or playing a baseball game, always find time to be with your friends.

In addition to being a sports fan, the young man also has proven to be an excellent auto racer. Her passion by cars it has even led him to compete in races on a professional way.


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