Meet the $ 4.5 million Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas mansion in New York

Meet the $ 4.5 million Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas mansion in New York

The couple left their $ 16 million home to move to a smaller, and almost four times cheaper, home outside of Manhattan.

In 2019 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michal Douglas they decided the time had come to leave their mansion of $ 16 million dollars in New York, for a smaller one, because they no longer needed such a large space for them.

Thus, in that year they moved from their famous mansion to a smaller one, the market value of which is $ 4.5 million dollarsThat is to say, almost four times cheaper than your old property.

His new house, which has a land of 12 acres, was built in the year 1930 in the rural community of Long Meadow, about 25 miles from the city of Manhattan.

It has eight bedrooms, 10 full baths, two half baths, kitchen, dining room, living room, library, bar, game room, seven fireplaces, gym, and indoor pool.


One of its rooms is made up of light-toned sofas and is accompanied by gray, brown and black cushions.

It also has a glass coffee table and a fireplace that is responsible for protecting the family from the cold during the winter season.

Television room

Another of its rooms is made up of a gray armchair, in the shape of ‘Ele’, this being the most frequented space by the family to live together. The room is also striking for the picturesque painting on its wall.


Catherine Zeta-Jones is a lover of playing the piano, so she has her own musical instrument at home. Taylor, her puppy, is her number one fan.

Living room

Next to the piano area is another small room that has a couple of individual black sofas.

Main bedroom

Its bedroom is so spacious that it has space for a large bed, a living room, a dressing room and a very good size bathroom.


The gym is a space widely used by the actress to perform her pilates routines, as well as to exercise in the different devices she has.


Outside they have a terrace overlooking the Hudson River and some furniture, an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor pool.

To give your guests privacy and make them feel like they are at home, they have a two-room suite to receive them.

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