Meet the 5 alcoholic cocktails with fewer calories

Conoce los 5 cócteles con alcohol con menos calorías

Enjoy a delicious drink without guilt, know the list of the five cocktails with less than 200 calories

If you are in the way of take care of the line and lower the calorie intake a littleyou probably know that the alcohol is one of the main limitations. However enjoy a couple of drinks in some special celebration it does not have to be reason for conflict, as long as you learn to select the best drink variants.

He world of mixology has become a popular lifestyle trends and today it is a topic that does not stop evolving, based on this they have created all kinds of drinks that They use natural ingredients and without so much sugar. We invite you to know the list of lower calorie drinksThey will be a great ally to treat yourself once in a while.

1. Gimlet: 178 calories

It is an extraordinary and classic preparation for those who are gin lovers. It stands out for the use of cold lime and gin juice, the best recommendation to further control your calorie intake is to make it with natural lime.

2. Martini: 176 calories

One of the more elegant and classic drinks of all time is the martini. And best of all, it’s a drink with low calories and sugar. It is a vermouth and gin mix, of dry flavor and great personality. It is served with olives that go wonderfully, although it is always optional.

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Tag your drinkpartner 🏷️😉 Drink with joy 😉😍 Back in 2018 I made a post about using small amounts of syrup in your Martini stir ups. I highly recommend this even more now. It’s a wonderful way to add some extra mouth feel and help that flavor last long past your sip. I’ve always been more of a Manhattan fan than a Martini one, however this recipe, the first documented Martini Cocktail recipe, made me a proper Martini fan. . Back In 1889 The “Modern Bartender” publication was the first to document the Martini Cocktail. It was listed as the following. . The Martini Cocktail -2 or 3 Dashes gum syrup, 2 or 3 Dashes Bitters, 1 Dash Curaçao, 1/2 wine glass full Old Tom gin, 1/2 wine glass full vermouth. Stir and squeeze a lemon peel ontop and serve. . What I now make for myself and any Martini drinker who’s intrigued enough to try one of these for their second Martini is the following. . Coqtale’s Martini Cocktail 😉 2 Oz London Dry Gin, 2 Oz Good quality Dry Vermouth (I use extra dry Noilly Prat), Bar Spoon Simple Syrup, 2 Dashes Orange Bitters. Stirred with a Lemon Peel or Coin. Poured into a Benedictine Rinsed coupe. Orange peel zested and Garnish. Served with a side pairing of Olives. . This addition of small amounts of simple syrup can be used / tested in any stirred cocktail. Just make sure you up or add some bitters to offset that sweetness. If you think adding simple is ridiculous. Try adding a bar spoon of a thicker high proof elixir like Grand Marnier, Chartreuse, Drambuie etc. has a similar effect and always adds a wonderful flavor touch in the proper pairings. 😉. Thank you @coqtal Follow @drinkandfoodlovers for mouth craving food and drinks from all over the world 😍🍸🍹

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3. Mojito: 168 calories

Rum It is one of the sweetest alcoholic beverages that exist, in principle because it is obtained from the sugar cane and also because on many occasions cocktails made with rum contain many syrups and fruits. For the rum lovers, the mojito is a refreshing and delicious cocktail alternative, is made with ingredients from natural origin and low caloric intake: hint of sugar, mineral soda, fresh crushed mint and lime.

4. Pigeon

Tequila is the most traditional and representative drink of the immense cultural wealth of Mexico and it has become very popular all over the world. The truth is that for some people it is something strong consume it right and that is why they have been created delicious drinks, as is the case of the classic daisy. However Dove, is another great alternative to low calorie cocktail. It stands out for the use of juice and fresh grapefruit slices and soda.

5. Old fashioned: 154 calories

For those people who love the classic and traditional he Old fashioned It is a wonderful alternative. Especially for those who they don’t drink the bourbon directly, this cocktail has the peculiarity of having a unique bitter touch thanks to the addition of narrowness and a touch of orange.

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THE OLD FASHIONED // Seductive, heady and a timeless classic, there’s a good reason why this cocktail is consistently the most popular among the world’s best bars. A simple mix of whiskey, sugar and bitters, it’s easy to make at home and a reliable drink to order whatever the occasion. All bartenders will have this recipe nailed in their repertoire, so even if it’s not listed on their house cocktail menu, they can whip one up sharpish. TTHE TASTE // It depends on the style of whiskey and bitters used, but an Old Fashioned essentially sweetens and heightens the inherent flavors in your whiskey. WHTHE WHISKEY // Usually made with Bourbon or rye, but you can really use any whiskey you like. We love a spicy rye like Bulleit, or a waxy Scotch like Clynelish. It’s also pretty damn good with peated Scotch or dark rum. RETHE RECIPE // 50ml whiskey, 12.5ml sugar syrup, 3 dashes Angostura bitters (or any other bitters you like). Stir the mixture in a glass with ice until it’s diluted to taste. Pour into a tumbler with one big ice cube or lots of small ones. Garnish with orange or lemon peel, zested over the glass (run the peel around the lip of the glass for added flavor). STRTHE STRENGTH // 5/5 – keep stirring on ice to dilute it further if too strong. 💫 EASY TO MAKE? // 1/5 – super simple. . 📸 @punch_drink @lizzieamunro #whiskycocktails #ourwhisky #oldfashionedrecipe #oldfashioned #cocktailrecipes #whisky #whiskey

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