Meet the Balut, the eggs with embryo, famous Philippine street food

Meet the Balut, the eggs with embryo, famous Philippine street food

An egg hatched for more than 21 days could have an embryo with beaks, bones, and even feathers

The balut is eaten hot, freshly cooked.

Photo: Aterux / Creative Commons

While in America we are used to finding hot dog carts on the streets. In the Philippines, the street food delicacy is the balut.

The balut is an egg of fertilized ducksave a embryo that incubates for 14 to 21 days, the ideal is considered to be between 17 and 18 days. If it matures longer the more it could have beaks, bones and even feathers, although they are still edible.

Popularly confer effects tonic, aphrodisiacs and against hangovers.

In the Philippines you can find the same balut in a put to shore off the road that in a restaurant in elaborate dishes. They are also appreciated in China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

how do you eat it

The balut is eaten hot, freshly cooked. The fertilized egg cooks like a hard-boiled egg, boiled between 20 and 30 minutes.

The shell of the egg is broken, and through a hole it drink the fluids. Then it season in product with salt and vinegar with some vegetables, the rest of the shell is removed and eaten.

What does it taste like

“The first bite tasted like Lamb sweetbreads already egg yolk with notes of liver. It was not bad at all and even less with the acid and spicy dressing ”, describes José Carlos Capel in El País.

A mousse. “The balut itself must be soft. The yolk portion should have a rich and creamy taste. The broth should taste like a extremely rich chicken or duck soup ”, journalist Kristie Hang explains to How Stuff Works.

Hang also notes that if it is undercooked or if the balut is too old, it may have a fishy or crunchy flavor.

The United States Department of Agriculture notes that because balut eggs are considered an ethnic food, they are exempt from inspection and classification.


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