Meet the double officer of Lupillo Rivera

Meet the double officer of Lupillo Rivera

Like El Toro del Corrido, there are not two … Or maybe there are?

Lupillo Rivera He is one of the most popular and talented members of the Rivera family, although he has remained away from the family drama For some time, the truth is that he has not managed to escape the spotlight. This has given him so much haters like fans who adore him and wish they were like him. And although many want to imitate the Toro del Corrido, few have succeeded, one of them is Hector Mojarro, who is the singer’s double official.

Mojarro resides in Los Angeles and has studied the singer to perfection; All the gestures and movements that he makes, such as his voice, laughter and expressions, are identical to those made by the ex of Mayeli alonso. But this is a job that never ends because in an interview that Héctor gave to The fat and the skinny assured that in every opportunity he has is in the front row to continue studying Lupillo.

He has even gotten to know the singer, who with humor asked him to stay in his place during an autograph signing. Héctor remembers that that moment inspired him to continue imitating him with great affection and pride.

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Before becoming Lupillo’s double officer, Héctor had a job close to the stars, but not exactly as one would think. works in Hollywood cleaning the stars of the Walk of Fame. However, after seeing how highly valued he was to do shows, he decided to leave it and dedicate himself full time to imitating Rivera.

Rosa Saavedra, the matriarch of the Rivera, already met him and gave him all his blessing to move forward, in addition to thanking him for the tribute. There is no doubt that the Rivera family knows very well how to love their fans because, like Lupillo, Jenni also has her double.

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