Meet the house of Christian Estrada, the ex of Frida Sofía who will have a baby with another

Conoce la casa de Christian Estrada, el ex de Frida Sofía que tendrá un bebé con otra

Christian Estrada and ‘Ferka’ are ready to receive their first child.

Photo: Ferka / Instagram / Courtesy

Some days ago Christian estrada, the ex of Frida sofia, announced on the program ‘Hoy’ that she was expecting her first child with Maria Fernanda Quiroz, better known as ‘Ferka’.

After the happy news we set out to explore what could be the home of the new family member, which, without a doubt, has all the style of future parents.

Through a series of photographs, which have been shared mainly by ‘Ferka’, we have been able to note that they have two beautiful dogs, who will surely be the companions of his offspring’s mischief.

They have also shown us some of their rooms, such as the dining room, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, among others.


His kitchen is extremely small and closed. It has a brown pantry and stainless steel appliances.


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Dinning room

His dining room, which he showed us in a selfie taken in front of the mirror, has a rectangular table with space for eight chocolate-colored chairs.


Her living room, which is where she usually takes a picture, is made up of a pair of gray sofas with cushions in the most diverse colors and designs.

They also have some furniture that gives a vintage touch to your room, such as the trunk that it uses as a side table, as well as its coffee table that stands out for having the silhouette of several elephants.

Master bedroom

The couple’s bedroom is made up of a large bed, a gray headboard, side tables and a painting that hung in the headboard area.

The bedroom is not only used by Christian and ‘Ferka’, but also by their dogs, who sleep on the side of his bed.


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The bathroom in his bedroom draws attention for its blue walls, as well as for its large mirror, in which celebrities surely spend too much time feeding their ego.


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The confinement due to COVID-19 caused ‘Ferka’ to have to improvise a gym in her apartment in order to maintain the figure that characterizes her so much and that she starts with so many sighs.


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