Entertainment Celebrity Meet the spectacular house where Tanía Rincón will live...

Meet the spectacular house where Tanía Rincón will live with her next baby


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The talented presenter is now more than ready to welcome her new family member

The Mexican presenter Tania Rincon, who has given much to talk about in recent months due to her pregnancy and for participating in the ‘Warriors 2020’ program, took advantage of the COVID-19 quarantine to spend more time with Daniel Perez, her husband, and with Patrick, her son, which allowed us to see her enjoying various corners of her house in the Mexico City.

Tania, who acquired spotlights for being part of the ‘Venga la Alegría’ program, has shared with us how much she enjoys spending time with her family and without having to leave home.


The kitchen, where Patricio is taking his first steps in the world of gastronomy, has a brown cupboard and a granite island that is where they prepare their food.

Dinning room

The dining room is made up of a long wooden table, which is not only used to eat, but is also used by the woman born in the state of Michoacán to work on her computer.


The living room combines gray and white colors in its sofas, it also has a glass coffee table and a black imitation cowhide rug.

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It also has side tables for its lamps or to place certain decorative items.

The room has a wooden floor, while one of its walls is covered with wood and the other is painted in pistachio color.

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Television room

The TV room is, without a doubt, one of the family’s favorite rooms, being there where they can spend several hours cuddling while watching a movie or series.

It is equipped with a gray armchair, a wooden coffee table, a light gray carpet, a colorful painting and a television set on a very elegant and modern piece of furniture.

There he also has pictures of Michael Jordan, Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino and Star Wars.


Despite the fact that we have seen her working in her dining room, Tania also has an office, in which she likes to lock herself away from noise and any possible distraction.

Patrick’s bedroom

The bedroom of his, until now, only son is made up of a small bed with blue bedding.

It has enough space for the three members of the family to have fun without having to go out to the garden.

The ceiling has wooden beams, the floor is stave, the walls are painted blue and in the headboard area are the letters ‘P’ and the name ‘Patricio’, in honor of the owner of that bedroom.

Patrick’s Bath

The king of the house has a bathtub in his room, so shower time is not a nightmare for him, since he often gets in the company of several of his favorite toys.


Like any celebrity, the talented presenter’s closet is very spacious, her shoes being the main protagonists of that little corner.

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Her closet is made up of white shelves, as well as a mirror that allows her to see her full body, so she becomes her best ally when deciding which outfit she looks best with.


The patio of the house is semi-covered, being there where Tania and Daniel celebrated Patricio’s most recent Children’s Day with Patricio. The two adults dressed up as Woody and Jessie, their son’s favorite characters.

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There they have an outdoor table with capacity for six people.

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- Advertisement -Meet the spectacular house where Tanía Rincón will live with her next babyMeet the spectacular house where Tanía Rincón will live with her next baby

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- Advertisement -Meet the spectacular house where Tanía Rincón will live with her next babyMeet the spectacular house where Tanía Rincón will live with her next baby

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