Meghan Markle AKA the Duchess of Sussex has a new favorite jewel

Meghan Markle, también conocida como la duquesa de Sussex, tiene una nueva joya favorita

The bracelet does not cost more than $ 48 dollars and carries a message that says: “Imagine that we are connected, not hierarchical”

Meghan Markle, also known as the Duchess of Sussex.

Photo: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The departure of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, of the British monarchy has not finished with the known as ‘Meghan effect’, which is that anything that is put out of stock as a general rule in a matter of a few hours.

In fact, the fact that he has been lavishing less in public since he moved to Los Angeles has only increased the anticipation surrounding each of his appearances, and the conversation he has recently had with the legendary activist Gloria Steinem has not been an exception.

For such a special occasion, the former actress wanted to wear a jewel that Steinem herself had given her and that she had also designed herself. It is a bracelet that costs 48 dollars and has the phrase ‘imagine we are linked, not ranked’ engraved on it. which would be translated into Spanish as ‘imagine we are connected, not hierarchical’.

Those few words managed to deeply move Prince Harry’s wife the first time she read them: “It represents everything to me, at all levels”, he confessed to his interlocutor.

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Ironically, a few months ago that same piece could have gotten her into trouble due to the strict protocol that members of the British royal family must follow when it comes to their dress. At the beginning of her romantic relationship with her now husband, the Duchess received a wake-up call because of a ‘message’ necklace, which basically consisted of a chain adorned with her initials and Harry’s. From Buckingham Palace they made it very clear that such accessories were not suitable because they only managed to make people talk.


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