Melania Trump Unveils New NFT Series To Celebrate Donald Trump’s Presidency

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Melania Trump Unveils New NFT Series To Celebrate Donald Trump's Presidency By Hannah Perez

The former first lady of the US is launching a second series of NFTs. Meanwhile, her first project does not seem to have been very successful and reports say that she would have bought it herself.


Despite criticism of Bitcoin From her husband, former US President Donald Trump, Melania Trump continues to speak out in favor of digital assets.

This Thursday, the former first lady announced a new initiative to token non-fungible (NFT): “POTUS TRUMP NFT”, a collection that will celebrate the now-concluded term of Donald Trump in the White House. Miss Trump went to her Twitter account to present the project, which will be launched on February 21, in commemoration of Presidents’ Day.

According to the press release, the collection of “limited edition” will be made up of a total of 10,000 NFTs, each worth USD $50. The series will be composed of ten pieces of digital art that reflect the “iconic moments of the Trump administration“, like the 4th of July and Trump’s visit to the Mount Rushmore.

However, those interested in acquiring the pieces they will not be able to know the work of each NFT until after their purchase; a feature that adds a “surprise element” to the project, according to the notice.

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The NFT series is scheduled to go on sale on the site, based on the blockchain Solarium, the next Monday. The former first lady, who “provided creative direction” for the collection, commented on the matter in the statement:

I am proud to expand my NFT platform and honored to be able to recognize important moments in our nation’s history. I look forward to collaborating with others to deliver truly special and authentic pieces of American history.

The Trumps dive into the crypto craze

This is not the first foray by the wife of the former US president into the explosive NFT market. as reported DailyBitcointhe former model presented in December 2021 a first line of digital collectibles for charity while launching her own NFT trading platform based on Solarium.

That collection, calledHead of state“, initially included a tokenized watercolor painting of Melania’s eyes, and later other pieces of art, also inspired by herself, were added.

The project has given much to talk about. On the one hand, for challenging Donald Trump’s own anti-crypto opinion. The former president has described Bitcoin scam and said it’s not money. He has also warned that cryptocurrency is very dangerous and could “exploit“. Melania Trump has departed from this view to express her support for technology. In fact, she even went to Twitter in January to congratulate the flagship cryptocurrency on its 13th anniversary.

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Did Melania Trump buy her own NFT?

However, on the other hand, the former model’s NFT raid has generated some controversy. A recent report from Bloomberg, who reviewed the transaction history of Melania’s previous collection, noted that the source of funds for the winning bid in the first NFT auction would be linked to the creators of the project themselves.

Transactions reviewed by Bloomberg News show that on January 23, the digital wallet listed as the creator of Trump’s NFT transferred 372,657 USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, to a second wallet which then sent 1,800 SOL to a third address. . That third party is listed as the winner of the auction on Trump’s website.“, collects the medium.

It’s unclear whether the movement between those wallets would have caused an increase in the value of Melania’s NFT collection, which sold for around $190,000.

While the Trumps seem to have a complicated – and somewhat strange – relationship with the crypto space, other famous figures from around the world have also been immersed in the NFT craze. Singer Justin Bieber and John Lenon’s son recently entered the market while companies such as disney, youtube and GameStop they seek to take advantage of the explosion of the sector.

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Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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