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Memoji iOS 16

Presented a week ago now, iOS 16 still has its share of surprises in store for us, especially in terms of communications. Messages, for example, now allows you to display only certain conversations according to the time thanks to the Concentration mode, which can be very useful in the professional context. As for individuals, here they are entitled to changes on the Memoji side.

To begin with, it is possible to display the images under six new shapes. The first represents a hand with the tips of the fingers joined, to represent hunger or food, while the second is reminiscent of the gesture “talk to my hand“. With this, users will also be able to choose between yawning, hands under the chin, the sign to emphasize an excessive price or even a dazed face with birds flying around the skull.

Hair and headgear

With iOS 16, Apple also offers seventeen new hairstyles, especially for curly hair or African braids. A welcome way to correspond to a maximum of different styles, which also recalls the efforts made by Cupertino in terms of inclusion and diversity within its own teams in California.

iOS 16 Memoji

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A cap additional is also available with the update. This is only available in beta version for the moment, while the developers report as many bugs as possible to the publisher. The final version is expected in the fall, probably for the month of September at the same time as the release of the supposed iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

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Other improvements

iOS 16 also offers more nose shapes, so their differences become more and more subtle to the naked eye. More lip colors are also included.

Finally, know that the iPhone can also now use any Memoji sticker like your profile picture as a contact while this choice was much more limited with iOS 15. Be careful though, because your entire address book can potentially have access to it: your landlord or your boss may not have the same expectations as your friends or your entourage.

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