Mercedes would also discuss with Apple

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A few days ago, the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai made a splash by announcing that it was in talks with Apple about the making of an autonomous electric car. These announcements were also subsequently modified to remove any mention of the Californian firm, possibly under pressure from the latter, annoyed to see such information leak into nature.

More recently, a new rumor relayed by the CBN television channel on the basis of a source specializing in the automotive industry delivers a new name in the Apple Car file. It is German Mercedes-Benz Daimler. According to the informant, Apple would not only have spoken to Hyundai in its search for collaborators for its Titan project, but also to the German manufacturer located in Suttgart.

This denier has obviously not commented on this so far and will not risk it in the future. Hyundai and its hazardous communication on the subject will serve as an example in this area.

Still, as indicated yesterday, there are many rumors about the Apple Car at the start of the year. Analysts are in any case expecting the Apple Car product to be marketed no earlier than 2024, or even 2027. The year 2021, despite a dubious revelation made last December, therefore should not be the year of the car at Apple. To drive in a vehicle marked with the apple, or embarked on an autonomous driving system signed by a Californian giant, it would probably take a few more years.

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