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Metamask, Ethereum wallet, presents failures due to interruption in Infura services - DiarioBitcoin For Hannah Perez

Infura noted that systems are beginning to recover as a fix is ​​rolled out. It is not the first time that the provider has suffered interruptions.


The popular cryptocurrency wallet meta mask presented interruptions this Friday due to a failure in the service of Infuriathe default infrastructure provider ethereum. The middle The Block reviewed first.

The official account of Twitter from meta mask informed its users about the present inconvenience. If you are currently experiencing problems with MetaMask, it may be due to the outage that Infura is actively fighting.wrote the company next to a tweet from your supplier in which the failure is reported. Infuria He said his team is working to fix it.

The web page of Infuria shared a release at 13:43 UTC reporting the outage.

We are aware of an outage of some of our ETH1, Palm, Optimism, Polygon, Filecoin and Arbitrum API endpoints. At the moment, the outage is limited to the listed components, which are temporarily unavailable. We are currently investigating to determine the root cause and remedy.

A more recent update indicated that systems are progressively starting to operate normally as a fix is ​​rolled out. “We are in the process of rolling out a fix and our core systems are beginning to recover. Full functionality of the service will be restored as remaining components come back online“, said.

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Infuria is the default remote procedure call (RPC) provider for MetaMask. The RPC provider serves as an interface for the wallet to interact with the blockchain, which in this case is ethereum. Alchemy Y Pocket Network are some of the other existing RPC providers in the cryptocurrency space.

According to reports, the interruption of Infuria coincided with a later one drop in transaction fees (gas) in ethereum. According to data from highlighted by The Blockoperating commissions decreased from around 100 gwei ($6) to around 20 gwei for instant transactions since the issue was disclosed.

This is not the first time Infuria has interruptions in its services. as he remembered The Blockin November of last year, the provider experienced a similar glitch that at the time wreaked havoc on the services of ethereum from various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, including meta mask.

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Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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