Mexican actress Cecy Romo almost died, reveals her daughter: “It was the worst day of my life”

Mexican actress Cecy Romo almost died, reveals her daughter: "It was the worst day of my life"

The actress of ‘Como tú no hay 2’ overcame a pre-heart attack after spending more than 85 days in the hospital for Covid-19

Ceci Romo.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

This Saturday, Cecilia Romo, 74-year-old actress returned to the hospital, after spending a few days in a house rented by her relatives after having overcome the Covid-19.

She is currently weak, fragile and very hurt, according to her daughter. Claudia Romo.

“His heart levels were literally very strong. It was the worst day of my life, I was drying his cold sweat while he was leaving. It was a half hour thing, The worst of the world! We went by ambulance, arriving at the hospital it was not clear that they saved her in the emergency department, but they saved her. I am convinced that I felt a wave of prayer from all the people who began to pray with us and I was the channel, that prayer witnessed the establishment of Ceci’s health, “she affirmed. Claudia in interview.

Yesterday, after your last visit of the three that the hospital allows, Claudia confirmed that her mom could be discharged today, as long as she maintains her stability.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏 After 90 days she made it, she is out of intensive care and in house with me. Her body is weak body but her spirit is strong, she has lost a lot of weight but she is with her family now and getting the treatments she needs for a full recovery. – I can’t begin to explain how hard it’s been emotionally and economically for all, but if something is clear to us right now is that she has still a lot to give and we need a lot to learn from her. That’s why at the end of this year we will be publishing her book – if this story has given you something during this 90 days please support us and order in presale . Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏 After 90 days, Ceci Romo made it, she is out of intensive care and at home with her family. Her body is weak, but her spirit very very strong, she has lost a lot of weight but she is receiving the treatments she needs for a full recovery. – I can not begin to explain how difficult it has been emotionally and financially for the whole family, if something is clear to us now is that Ceci Romo still has a lot to give, a lot to share and we have a lot to learn from her, that is why she did by the end of the year we are going to publish his book – if during these 90 days this story has given you something please help us and buy in presale here

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“I left her after having massaged her entire body with cream. Her skin is all powdered, I tried to help her right now that she doesn’t have rehabilitation therapy, but she is very asleep, thundered, suffering a lot, but with spirit“He assured.

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The moments when he manages to open his eyes I tell him: ‘Mom, cheer up!’ And she answers: Sure!

Claudia She commented that the presale for her mother’s life book, “Don’t Lower Your Arms, Embrace Life, has already begun. A story of Resilience ”.

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Yaaaaaaasssssssss! Flying to Mexico to take my mom out of ICU and straight back to a mini hospital built at home. What a warrior. What a fight- 84 days in hospital and now breathing on her own and keen to recover. It will take 6 months to get her back to where she was, but am over the moon and back and beyond happy to be with her for the rehab and recovery next period! Thank you!!! Esooooooo !!!! Cecilia Romo is already leaving intensive care and directly from the hospital. It is going so well that we advance the plans and it is already out this week. We are at our best to set up a mini hospital at home, thanks to the star team of my family to have everything ready so that Ceci can recover and begin her rehabilitation, to which I can finally be by her side. Ceci is already breathing alone, her tracheostomy was removed, she began eating porridge (she has been nourished by serum for more than 70 days) and speaking more and with more encouragement. She is happy to leave the hospital and today she told the wonderful medical team that she will miss them. Never in my life have I been so happy to pack – I go in two days from New York to Mexico and tears of happiness come from knowing that in a few days I will be able to get Mom out of the hospital. Thank you thank you life !! Thanks medical team! Thanks to all the blood donors, to each of the people who prayed for Ceci’s recovery, to the media for her kindness and interest, to the friends of the artistic medium for her love, her audios and videos to encourage Mom, for my strong family and close friends that for 70 days without fail we gathered 30 minutes to pray for Cecilia Romo, leaving no room for doubt or fear. But more than anything, thank you, thank you, mom, for being a tireless warrior, a lover of life who has taught us one lesson after another of what it is to not lower your hands and not give in, of your optimism, your spirit and your attitude. positive. It is very clear to me that we have a lot to learn from you and that life knows that you still have to fulfill your mission to inspire us. I want your lessons and teachings to be shared with many. I want a publisher to publish your book

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The publication, which will be ready in October or November, will be written by a person close to the family, based on testimonies from doctors, relatives and the actress herself.

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blunt He was in the hospital for more than 85 days, he was admitted with Covid-19, he overcame three pulmonary hemorrhages, a bacterium and anemia.


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