Micro data: give more visibility to your site!

exemple de micro données avec la requête cookies

Especially when it comes to additional attributes intended to specify elements on your website. Appearing with HTML5, micro data is a fast and effective way to improve your SEO. Thanks to micro data, Google will prioritize your content and highlight it in its results.

Microdata: what is it?

Micro data is information embedded in the pages of your website. They help search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to better understand the content of your website. They are mainly used for Google’s rich results, which will tend to highlight pages with as much information as possible.

Microdata falls within the scope of the schema.org standard. It’s a diagram created by the giants of the Web which describes the elements of Internet pages to help robots better understand the meaning of sites, and therefore better classify them.

To integrate micro data into your website, simply follow the instructions of schema.org. The system is based on three HTML attributes:

  1. itemscope. This is used to identify the Ht element concerned
  2. itemtype. This is used to determine the type of the element concerned.
  3. itemprop. And the latter is used to specify the nature of the element concerned (date, author, content, etc.)
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Gain visibility for your website

The integration of micro data offers several advantages:

  • The integration of elements such as images, videos or opinions strongly encourage the click.
  • In some cases, deep pages of your website can stand out in the user’s search. This serves him to save time and to click directly on the page which interests him.
  • Thanks to the micro data, the Internet user better understands what he will find on your site.
  • Micro data is used by Google to highlight your site in its first results thanks to the richer information with which it can analyze your website.

This additional information for the user will make your site much more attractive and will directly attract the attention of the Internet user compared to another site without micro data.

The different types of microdata content

There are three main types of content related to microdata:

1 | Creative content (or Creative Work)

On sites talking about cinema, painting, music, you can add micro data on:

  • the author,
  • production dates,
  • movie posters,
  • video or audio content.

These additions make your site more attractive and lively.

2 | Content related to places and notes

This type of content is used to reinforce the credibility of a brand thanks to positive evaluations, because it is today what the Internet user looks at first.

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3 | Content linked to product sheets

On e-commerce sites, adding micro data on the price, brand, size guarantees Internet users the visibility of your product among its first results.

Microdata: a format with growing popularity

For now, micro data is mainly used for films in theaters, cooking recipes, products sold on e-commerce sites offering consumer reviews and upcoming events. But the use of these will soon become widespread, because it is partly thanks to this method that Google will highlight one site rather than another in its results.

So prepare yourself already to analyze what type of content on your website you can enrich with these new tags. If you are quick enough to implement these changes for your site, it will ensure a significant increase in your web visibility in your sector.

Microdata: definition

Microdata is used by search engines to identify structured data and be able to display rich snippets or snippets in SERPs (search results).

Why implement structured data?

Structured data helps search engines better understand what a site’s pages are about. Structured data also changes the way search results display in the SERPs. Displaying “rich snippets” or “enriched extracts” in Google results is an added value for your content. It is also a plus for your natural referencing.

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What are Rich Snippets? Definition

the “rich snippet” Where “enriched extract” in the language of Molière designates a short description present in the Google results pages. The rich snippet appears below the link that points to the web page. It facilitates the understanding of the content sought by the Internet user. For example, by displaying a price for a product page, the Internet user knows that it is a product available for sale.

Examples of displaying rich snippets in the SERPs

The prices : Indispensable if you have an e-commerce site or offer services to your customers. The prices will then be visible in the search results via the rich snippets.

The Ariadne’s thread : With your breadcrumb tagged, the search engine will highlight the breadcrumb in search results instead of the URL. The information will be more relevant and will guide the Internet user more easily.

Reviews and ratings: Opinions are important in the purchase decision of Internet users. With the rich snippets, for example, present the reviews in the form of an average rating out of 5 stars.

By mining all this data and displaying it in the SERPs, you improve your SEO and your conversion rate.

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