Microsoft Seeks To Hire A Crypto Director To Lead Its New Web3 Strategy

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Microsoft Seeks To Hire A Crypto Director To Lead Its New Web3 Strategy For Hannah Perez

Microsoft does not want to be left behind in the latest technology trends and is quietly developing a Web3 strategy.


Although there have been no official announcements, several recent movements suggest that microsoft is betting on several of the burgeoning trends in the crypto space.

The technological multinational seems to be developing its own Web3 strategy, a term that refers to an evolved version of the Internet, which would be decentralized and powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A hiring post from microsoft suggests that the company could be taking steps in this direction.

The company announced on Monday that it is looking to hire a Director of Cryptocurrency Business Development, as reported Finbold. The person must haveUnderstanding the Web 3.0 Marketreads the hiring notice for full-time staff dated February 7.

Vacancy for Web3 Strategy Leader

The publication suggests that the director will be part of the artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies business development team of microsoftwhich is responsible for the inorganic growth of the company’s products and services in these key areas.

Part of the role of the new director will be lay the groundwork to support and inform Microsoft’s Web 3.0 strategy, as read in the publication. The notice highlights that the person must have qualities to guide and lead staff and points out some of the tasks:

Work with engineering teams across the company to understand when existing infrastructure can be leveraged, improved or built on. Develop the vision, strategy, and roadmap for Microsoft’s Web 3.0 partnership model, including infrastructure and APIs.

Among the requirements to apply for the position, the person must have a master’s degree or advanced degree in business, science or a related field; as well as 10 or more years of work experience in the field. For example, having worked in investment banking, consulting, finance, marketingcorporate strategy, sales, venture capital, development of softwareamong others.

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The publication also emphasizes that the new director You will need to have experience with digital currencies and their underlying technology, as well as knowledge of the different surrounding trends of said ecosystem. In a section that specifies the minimum qualifications for the position, it reads:

1+ year of cryptocurrency experience, with knowledge of technology and protocols related to DeFi (decentralized finance), NFT (non-fungible tokens), DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), and Web 3.0.

Microsoft keeps a close eye on the crypto space

The recruitment posting microsoft comes shortly after the company announced the acquisition of the video game developer, Activision Blizzard. The action has been interpreted as the first steps of microsoft into the metaverse, another concept that has generated great interest among technology companies.

The social media giant Facebook was renamed last year to Goal as part of an effort to shift their business focus to the metaverse. Since then, other companies in the field such as Manzana, Samsung Y Nvidia, have begun to promote strategies to position themselves within the flourishing sector; a market that Morgan Stanley it already anticipates it will exceed USD $8 trillion in a few years.

The job notice microsoft to a director with knowledge of cryptocurrencies it suggests that the company is closely following developments in said ecosystem. Some recent announcements from other tech moguls seem to hint at growing competition within the crypto arena. Just a few days ago Alphabetarray of Googlesaid “definitely” has to blockchain in sight.

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