Microsoft Teams just released an update for Apple Silicon chips

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For a little less than two years, the computer world has seen the rapid emergence of a newcomer to the world of chips: Apple. Present in the computer world since the 80s, the Apple brand has been collaborating with Intel for years.

A partnership that finally ended in November 2020, when Apple presented its new MacBook Air, Pro and Mac mini. The devices of the Apple brand were for the first time equipped with an “Apple Silicon” chip. The latter was to allow the Cupertino company to get out of the Intel bracket and offer much more powerful products.

A new chip that is wreaking havoc

But the arrival of these new chips didn’t mean all good things for Apple. Indeed, by having chosen an architecture very far from what Intel was doing, Apple took developers around the world by surprise and during the presentation of M1, the first “Made in Apple” chip, no one was ready.

Aware of having advanced against the current, Apple had announced as soon as this new chip was released the arrival of a software solution, Rosetta, which made it possible to “translate” application information so that they could work even with a chip. M1.

While this proved effective, users quickly became frustrated with the performance loss, and one by one applications were forced to turn to Apple’s new architecture. Today, 18 months after the release of M1, rare are the applications that still do not have a version designed for the Apple chip.

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Microsoft Teams finally updated

But until a few days ago it was still the case Microsoft Teams who has just made the famous update. In a statement that accompanied the news from Microsoft, the smile is there, at least on the front. The brand says it is “delighted to bring this update to its Mac users”.

Also according to the brand’s press release, all mac users should be entitled to an automatic update in the coming weeks allowing them to discover a Microsoft Teams application optimized for Apple’s new macs.

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