Millions of unsold iPhones waiting at Apple?


Apple would swallow 18% market share worldwide in smartphone sales. These figures, reported by Canalys for the period from January to March, should be compared with those of the competition. Count 24% for Samsung, the number one ahead of Apple, against 13% for Xiaomi (third), followed by Oppo and OnePlus (10%) and finally Vivo (8%). Without listing the other brands which, in the minority, would take up about a quarter of the cake.

Now let’s take the production statistics for the end of 2021, reported this time by the firm TrendForce. We discover Cupertino in first position with 23.2% of all mobiles manufactured, against 19.4% for Seoul. BBK is on the last step of the podium (13.9%), with Xiaomi fourth (12.7%) and Vivo fifth (9.8%).

Anti-delay solution

As we can see, Apple may have received more mobiles than its Korean rival, but in the end it would have significantly fewer customer orders. We can therefore easily assume that a substantial mass of products is:

  • either in transit,
  • either stored in the Apple Store,
  • either from third-party retailers (Amazon, Boulanger, Darty, Best Buy, eMag, etc.) or from operators (Bouygues, Orange, SFR, etc.).

At first glance, it could actually be a real asset given that the Asian production circuits are the victims of some setbacks at the moment. Indeed, China imposes confinement in certain regions because of the coronavirus, which has led to the closure of several key drop-off points for iPhone spare parts.

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Quarter down

From a purely speculative point of view, however, a different analysis could see this as a serious shortfall for Apple. If we translate the gap between iPhones leaving the factory and those having found takers (23.2% – 18% = 5.2%) in turnover, we thus obtain 19.3 billion euros potentially in nature*.

Coupled with the possible additional 10 billion dollars stolen because of Asian delays, this colossal result raises questions. Unless these are just smartphones secretly prepared for a future lease with a monthly subscription, as other rumors suggest? Mystery…

*371 million units shipped globally in the fourth quarter of 2021 according to Counterpoint Research and with the average price of an iPhone worth 1,000 euros

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