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MinTIC Colombia publishes second version of the guide for Blockchain adoption at the state level - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The announcement was made during an event held at the headquarters of the MinICT in Bogota. The second version of the guide for adoption blockchain It is already available through the official channels of the ministry.


  • MinICT publishes the second version of the guide for the adoption of blockchain, document addressed to state entities.
  • The document emphasizes key aspects of blockchain and its usefulness to optimize government processes.
  • It highlights values ​​such as transparency, immutability, the decentralized nature and the dynamization of processes.
  • MinICT also extended the memoranda of understanding signed by the entity with companies blockchain.

The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombiabetter known as MinTIC, today announced the release of the second version of its reference guide for the adoption and implementation of projects with technology blockchain, instructive that seeks to guide state entities on the process to adapt and use these technologies to strengthen their operational processes.

The announcement took place at an event held today at the headquarters of the MinICT in the city of Bogotá, an event in which representatives of the ministry and entities such as Google, Ripple, Sabra Group, Peersyst and other organizations belonging to the ecosystem blockchain local.

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MinICT launches second version of its adoption guide blockchain

The announcement about the release of the second version of the guide for adoption blockchain The Minister of the MinICT, Carmen Ligia Valderrama, who shared some insights on the work that the entity and the government have been doing to learn more about this technology, while reporting on the availability of the new document.

About the work you have been doing MinICT, Valderrama indicated that these efforts are part of the commitment to the digital transformation that the government has been having in recent years, highlighting achievements such as the digital citizen folder, the increase in the levels of Internet connectivity in the country, and the efforts to achieve the digital transformation of many government procedures.

About this new version of the guide blockchain, Valderrama pointed out that this is the result of the remarks and observations that were made regarding the first document presented in 2021. The official highlighted that there was a lot of interest among the interested parties, who left their comments and observations to refine the aspects considered in the original document. .

Regarding the approach followed by this new guide, the minister emphasized the following aspects:

  • The document presents a study on the technology blockchain, but with emphasis on its adoption and usefulness for the public sector, that is, for state agencies.
  • Its objective is to facilitate the approach of the state to technology blockchain.
  • It promotes an ethical and compliance approach in accordance with the Colombian reality.
  • His approach is also centered on governance processes.
  • And finally, it presents guidelines for the development of projects and provides tools based on recommendations and good practices.
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What does the second version of the guide contain blockchain launched by MinTIC?

During the conference, Valderrama shared with the attendees a QR code with direct access to the second version of the guide blockchain, which is now available for consultation through the official channels and website of the MinTIC.

MinTIC Colombia publishes second version of the guide for Blockchain adoption at the state level - DiarioBitcoin

The document was made in support of the Presidential Council for Digital Transformation and Management and Compliancehand in hand with Directorate of Orange Economy and Digital Development of the National Planning Department. It is an 82-page manual which presents the following topics:

  • Background and definitions associated with technology blockchain.
  • Considerations about the types of blockchain, permits and information validation procedures.
  • Guidelines for the evaluation of cases and considerations on the uses of blockchain in the public sector.
  • And finally, a compilation of the use cases seen to date in the Colombian ecosystem.

If you want to know in more detail the document published by MinICT, you can see it below:

Extension of memoranda of understanding with the MinICT

After presenting the second version of the guide for the adoption of blockchain at the state level, the deputy minister of MinICT, Iván Durán, who made some comments about the achievements that the ministry has had and about the work that some government entities have done that have already carried out their respective tests with blockchain.

Among the latter, Durán mentioned two use cases in particular, and referred to the prototype for land registration carried out by the National Land Agency in conjunction with the team of Peersyst; as well as the exercise carried out by the Agricultural Rural Planning Unit (UPRA) hand in hand with him Sabra Group to make traceability to the production and price of panela.

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MinTIC Colombia publishes second version of the guide for Blockchain adoption at the state level - DiarioBitcoin

Due to the achievements of MinICT With the aforementioned agencies, the ministry proceeded to sign the extension of the originally established memorandums of understanding, an event that was made public in blockchain and with which the ministry is committed to giving continuity in the work of exploration and development with these new technologies.

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