Mix between Mac Pro and Mac mini, the “Mac Studio” announced tonight?

Mac Studio

You probably already know this, but Apple is organizing an online conference at 7 p.m. (French time) where its new iPhone SE should be presented. But beyond this mobile, it is also rumored that other devices are in preparation. Among them, a Mac halfway between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro, taking up the design of the first but with a configuration closer to the second.

Objective: to offer an “in-between” in order to expand the brand’s range of central office units, which are always less substantial than its other types of machines. As for the supposed nickname, the “mac studio“, he recalls the code name given for a moment to the AirPods Max before their release.

Bigger than the Mac mini

According to Luke Miani’s YouTube channel, the beast would therefore be entitled to a format quite similar to that of the Mac mini but with a raised height. However, it is difficult to verify the words of the videographer with confidence since he does not yet have a solid history in this area, but the renderings he shares are quite successful and could therefore be closer to reality.

Apple, for its part, has of course not commented on the file and will not publish anything before this evening anyway. In any case, this is how its marketing teams have been doing it for several years now, keeping it a secret until the last moment.

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Performance at the rendezvous

If we are to believe the images shared by the creator, we can also easily notice the imposing fan at the bottom of this “Mac Studio”. A go-to part for cooling circuitry in the event of overheating, which wouldn’t be surprising given the power of Cupertino’s in-house chips. Especially since with this enlarged envelope, the case has enough to accommodate an even larger processor…

What do you think of this original look?

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