Modric: “If we’re here it’s not just luck… It makes us laugh”

Modric: "If we're here it's not just luck... It makes us laugh"

Madrid chose modric to speak before the comeback against PSG and, as if it were a talisman, he has repeated the operation before City. The Croatian was very eager and conveyed a lot of confidence before what may happen tomorrow: “What do we have? Quality and character, as well as history”. Asked if the team got here ‘by luck’, he laughed: “You don’t even get to the semi-finals and win everything we’ve won just by luck.. That opinion is unfair.”


Photo of Modric

Press conference

What atmosphere do you breathe?

In the locker room he is very good, we really want to. We know what we have to do, which is the most important game of the season. We must make the best game of the course. We are prepared.

What does Real Madrid have that other clubs don’t have to overcome things like this?

We are very confident, because we know that in the first leg we did not play our best game and even so, we scored three goals. Tomorrow we must do better. What we have? Quality and character, as well as history. This club has won many great games and is the one with the most Champions. we never give up

Message to Madridismo

We will go out to the field with a lot of faith and personality. Energy and aggressiveness. It’s time to show that we are Real Madrid, the best team in the world.

His season and his leading role

Let others judge if it’s been my best season or not, I’m happy, that’s what I can say. I like responsibility, I have never avoided it.

Importance of experience in this semi-final

Surely it is important. It’s nice to remember that some of us who will play tomorrow have already played in four Champions League finals… And we have the option of playing a fifth. But talking about past finals is useless, tomorrow is another game and we are focused. With much desire.

Is it the most difficult game of the season?

I can’t tell you if the most, because we have played against great teams: PSG, Chelsea… It will be a very difficult game. That’s for sure.

Things to change with respect to the first leg

We have to improve in all aspects. Defensively and offensively you have to play a complete game, that’s key. In recent games when things have gotten bad, we have not stopped believing.

What does the locker room think about Atleti not going to do the corridor?

We don’t think anything. It’s a matter that doesn’t interest us and I don’t want to talk about it before a match like City’s.

Rodrigo’s season

He is a very good, special boy. We have a great relationship. When he talks about ‘father and son’… It’s because I found out that his father is the same age as me! He is doing very well, he is a very humble boy, with his feet on the ground. I’m happy for him, he has to keep it up.

Has the Cibeles celebration helped?

We really wanted to go, because we hadn’t been able to celebrate with our fans for four years. We have enjoyed a lot, it made us very happy to be there. But since the celebration ended, we are already concentrating on tomorrow’s game. It was a nice day, but that’s it. The season is not over, a big game awaits tomorrow and our people will be behind us. Just like the whole season, just like in the last Champions League games.

What do you say to people who point out that you are ‘lucky’?

Let them continue to think what they want! You don’t get here just by luck. That opinion is unfair and makes us laugh, but everyone can say what they want. We, focused on what is ours, do not care what they say from outside. You don’t beat so many teams, so many Champions, so many semi-finals… Just by luck. You have to have quality and faith, those things make us great.

Casemiro’s return

It means a lot to us. It is a very important piece for our game, because it is fundamental. I have no doubt that it will help us fix bugs tomorrow. Case is always on the lookout for that feature.

If I had to choose one thing from Ancelotti…

Only one is difficult. The way he is, I’d say. He has come back very naturally, injecting faith into the team. For me he is one of the greatest coaches in the history of this sport. We were very happy when we learned of his return, because in the previous stage we already enjoyed a lot with him. I would highlight his way of being, how he manages the groups.


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