Monsta Infinite FAQ, a new container for Axies Infinity – DiarioBitcoin

Monsta Infinite FAQ, a new container for Axies Infinity - DiarioBitcoin

Monsta Infinite FAQ, a new container for Axies Infinity - DiarioBitcoin By DailyBitcoin @bitcoindaily

Monsta Infinite is the NFT game with a decentralized universe where players can earn money by competing against each other or playing for entertainment. The game is about to launch its marketplace this October 22, in which users will be able to buy their first Monsta to form a team of three little creatures to start playing as they launch the first public version of the game in the first quarter of 2022. ***

Update, October 10, 2021 at 9pm EST:
The release date has been delayed 10 days, previously it was scheduled for October 12, now it will be October 22, 2021.
The official price of the Monsta Crono Zero and the Monsta Soulbound will be announced in an official announcement on October 20, 2 days before the launch of their sale on the marketplace.

Below, we share all the details you need to know to start playing Monsta Infinite with your first team.

Monsta Infinite Official Discord Chat in order to receive the latest Monsta Infinite updates directly from the game’s development team.

The creators of Monsta Infinite promise that their game will be an improved version of the Axie Infinity game universe, but with a much lower barrier to entry that allows a greater number of new users to enter the game. At the same time, in Monsta Infinity there will be other ways of burning STT (the internal currency farmed in the game) apart from its usual use in the reproduction of Monsta.

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How much does each Monsta cost to play on Monsta Infinite?

There is no official price announced, but the developers have commented on several occasions that the Soulbound type Monsta (which cannot be sold in the marketplace) will be priced between USD $ 10 and $ 15 in MONI (the game governance token).

Monsta Soulbound are not NTFs, so this way of entering the game will be very cheap, but it will not allow Monsta Soulbound owners to trade with them on the marketplace.

Monsta Soulbound owners will be able to mate or breed them up to a maximum of two times. and his calf gives rise to an NFT, Monsta Chrono Zero.

How many Monsta do I need to make a team?

As in Axies Infinity, the minimum of Monstas required to form a team in the game will be three Monsta, in any combination between Monsta Soulbound, Chrono Zero or Inception.

How much money do I need to start Monsta Infinite?

Considering the price of the Monsta Soulbound, the minimum entry to the game will be around USD $ 45.

What are the Monsta Chrono Zero?

The Monsta Chrono Zero will be the NFT version of the Monsta that will debut on the marketplace this October 22, 2021.

The first generation of Monsta were called Monsta Inception, and it was the original Monsta that were pre-sold.

Monsta Chrono Zero owners will be able to pair or reproduce them between 3 to 4 times and they will be able to sell them on the market.

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There is still no announcement of the estimated price that the Monsta Chrono Zero will have on the marketplace.

How to reproduce the Monsta? (breeding)

Each replay attempt will cost more and more in STT (which is the currency that can be farmed by playing Monsta Infinite, basically the equivalent of SLP in Axie Infinity).

To reproduce your Monsta you can make any of the following Monsta crosses:

  • Crossing two Monsta Inception creates a Monsta NFT.
  • Crossing a Monsta Inception with a Monsta Chrono Zero creates a Monsta NFT.
  • Crossing two Monsta Chrono Zero creates a Monsta NFT.
  • Crossing a Monsta Inception with a Monsta Soulbound creates a Monsta NFT.
  • Crossing a Monsta Chrono Zero with a Monsta Soulbound creates a Monsta NFT.
  • Crossing two Monsta Soulbound creates a Monsta NFT.

Cost for each Monsta reproduction

The costs in STT for each attempt to reproduce Monsta have not been announced. But for now it is known that in each iteration the cost of STT required will be higher and in the case of the Monsta Soulbound, which will only have two reproductions available, the required cost of STT for the first reproduction will be the same as that of the third attempt. of reproduction of the Monsta NFT, similarly the cost of the second reproduction of a Monsta Soulbound will be equal to that of the fourth reproduction of a Monsta NFT.

Remember that all this information is subject to change, since it has not been published in any official statement until the time of publication of this article, it has only been discussed or mentioned in some conferences about the game that the developers have offered.

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How many Monsta can I buy on the marketplace as of October 22?

At the October 22 launch of the Monsta Infinity marketplace, the purchase of only three Monsta per wallet will be allowed. This is a measure to control the purchase by bots and whales.

Although If you have several wallets, you could buy three monsta for each wallet and later send you those Monsta all to a single account.

In your wallet you can have any amount of Monsta that you can buy later in the market from other users or that you can reproduce by matching the ones you already have.

Where can I see the official announcements for Monsta Infinite?

The ideal place to receive all the first-hand announcements from the Monsta Infinite development team is by joining the Monsta Infinite Official Discord channel. There you will find the latest most important updates of this long-awaited NFT video game.

If you have any questions about Monsta Infinite, you can leave them in the comments section below and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Warning: This article is not an investment recommendation, but an informative article on how to prepare if you want to enter the NFT Monsta Infinite game. Any NFT video game has an associated investment risk, it can generate profit as well as it can generate losses for the players, as the game’s economy evolves over time. The decision to invest money in Monsta Infinite and start playing it is already personal to each user.

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