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Monsta Infinite marketplace launch calendar - DiarioBitcoin

Monsta Infinite marketplace launch calendar - DiarioBitcoin By DailyBitcoin @bitcoindaily

This month is full of releases from Monsta Infinite, the NFT game inspired by the renowned Axie Infinity. Below is the calendar that begins with the registration of the Moni wallets on October 12, 2021 ***

The creators of Monsta Infinite have proposed to create a battle game of creatures in which there is also an open world that allows the expansion of the Monsta metaverse, adding multiple methods of burning the STT, internal currency, and MONI, the token of game governance, basically the equivalent of SLP and AXS in Axie Infinity respectively.

Initially the launch of the marketplace was scheduled for this October 12, however, the developers delayed the sale of the Monsta Soulbound and the Monsta Chrono Zero to October 22, the date they announced in the Monsta Infinite Official Discord. Until then, we have a series of launches this month that will serve as a prelude to the official opening of the market.

Monsta Infinite Marketplace Features Launch Dates

  • All releases are scheduled to air on their respective dates starting at 14:00 UTC each day.
  • MONI wallet registration on October 12.
  • Distribution of Monsta Inception eggs on the Binance Smart Chain on October 12.
  • Users will be able to carry their Monsta Inception eggs and MONI tokens on the Monsta Chain on October 15.
  • Monsta Infinite hatching on October 18.
  • Official announcement of prices for Monsta Chrono Zero and Monsta Soulbound eggs on October 20.
  • Sale of Monsta Chrono Zero and Monsta Soulbound eggs opens in the marketplace October 22.
  • MONIO-STT switch launch on October 22.
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All of these release dates are subject to change without notice. To be aware of all the announcements we suggest you join the Monsta Infinite Official Discord channel.

In case you need to know the difference between the two types of Monsta eggs that will be on sale from October 22 in the marketplace, you can visit our article about characteristics of the Monsta Chrono Zero and the Monsta Soulbound.

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