Montaner family launch children’s clothing line in honor of Indigo

Montaner family launch children's clothing line in honor of Indigo

Mauricio, Ricky, Ricardo and Evaluna Montaner, with Camilo.

Mauricio, Ricky, Ricardo and Evaluna Montaner, with Camilo.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Almost a week after the birth of Indigo, the Montaner family, led by their grandmother Marlene, launches a line of children’s clothing in honor of the baby by Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry.

This is how Marlene herself shared it, something that the whole family echoed to her and even Princess Echeverry posed her first model, yes, as celebrities usually do, they only shared one of their little legs where he wears shiny pants, what color? Indigo!

The line leads through name ‘El Hilo Rojo’ and so Indigo’s grandmother announced it:

When I found out that Eva was pregnant, I called Tina, who had had the idea of ​​making things for babies for a while. and I told her: ‘Tina you have to make your mark, I want those wonders for Indigo’, she replied that she didn’t have the time to dedicate 100% to her, but if I did it with her and we joined Marizai, she would pigeon her, we called her and a.

For many years we have come together to learn, we have made ceramics, paper mache, painting, sculpture with recycling, puppets… And now we joined in this undertaking for my granddaughter (who is one of them too). Indigo was already born and today this brand is born inspired by her @elhilorojoatelier
It makes me excited because it’s love, It is the love for my granddaughter, the love for my friends, the love for nature (it is all healthy and natural), these clothes are love that we share with you“Marlene wrote on her Instagram account along with a photo of a taste of the clothes and of Indigo.

As she well explains, it is made with absolutely ecological materials, nothing synthetic and taking care of that first caress of a garment and the skin of a newborn.

In the style that the Montaner family generally manages, After Marlene made the announcement, everyone replicated it on their social networks, even Indigo’s new mom, Evalunawho since before birth had not shared anything.

According to what the ‘The Red Thread’ page explains, the line is for little ones from newborn to 18 months, it is made of 100% organic cotton and linen, natural dyes and each suit is made by hand. Where? In Spain.

Why ‘Red Thread’? On the page where you can buy the clothes, it explains how the friendship between the three creators (Marlene and her two friends), form this unbreakable thread.

“We are from the place where our first memories are, we were there, we did them together. Since then many things have changed: the country where we were born, the cities, the houses and the colors of the places where we have lived..

Some broken bond, more than one winter and many springs, people we love who are no longer here and those who have been arriving to add, our own families that we embroider by hand and the fruits of that garden that time made with each one, for ours, for those who are to come and for us, who have also changed a lot, but we are still here, united by the invisible thread of our destiny.

We are women, sisters, friends, daughters, wives, mothers, aunts and grandmothers; we are that and more, we are human. And we like to do things together, we always have, especially when we can use our hands and by doing so, we learn something new.

In this colorful journey we have explored exciting territories: painting, embroidery, sculpture, papier-mâché, ceramics, jewelry and editorial authorship.; all these artisan disciplines are also part of a fabric, of what we have done by hand to go, over time, intertwining our lives to continue together and fulfill our purpose.

Each El Hilo Rojo garment is part of this story, we have carefully thought it out for you, we shaped an organic fabric and nature gave us this color to connect with you, with your baby, from what we do. And now that we are intertwined through this invisible thread, we would like to know more about you, more about you. We are THE RED THREAD. Valentina, Marizai and Marlene”.

Recall that, cAs we tell you exclusively, on Wednesday, April 6 in the morning, in a natural water birth at her home, Indigo was born, a beautiful girl who has filled her parents, Evaluna and Camilo, with happiness and love; her family and ‘The Tribe’.


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