Montessori school in MARSEILLE – The list of Marseilles schools

Montessori school in MARSEILLE - The list of Marseilles schools

Montessori school Marseille

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Learn more about Montessori pedagogy | MARSEILLE

Of all the children’s pedagogies that exist in the world, Montessori pedagogy is certainly the best known and the most appreciated. This pedagogy was founded between the 19th and the 20th century from the studies and analyzes of the famous Italian woman doctor and educator Maria Montessori. The latter has spent many years closely observing children with disabilities or suffering from psychological disorders. She felt that these children were not being treated properly and therefore worked to put in place activities to promote their development. During her research, she realized that children’s growth is best when they are placed in environments that are suitable for them. Thus was born the Montessori pedagogy which is only the sum of the conclusions of research carried out on several children coming from various backgrounds. This method of education is applied from the birth of the child until it becomes an adult.

Montessori school in MARSEILLE - The list of schools in Marseilles

Montessori school in MARSEILLE – The list of Marseilles schools

Montessori: preparing the child for future responsibilities

The main goal of the Montessori pedagogy is to promote the development of children from infancy to adulthood, on all possible levels. It is about preparing the child to become a responsible, confident and balanced adult person. After having followed a training according to the Montessori method, the child is able to be independent and to make thoughtful decisions, to do the right thing. He becomes a human being aware of himself and in phase with the needs that are specific to him. He acquires the knowledge necessary to identify complex life situations.

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The education of your child in a Montessori school in Marseille allows him to benefit fromlearning adapted to who it is, allowing him to understand the world through its particularities. It is therefore according to this dynamic that your child will be educated when you enroll him in a Montessori school.

Main principles of Montessori pedagogy

Like any educational approach, the Montessori method has its own principles. The central principle relates to knowledge. According to the pedagogy in question, knowledge is one of the capital factors on which harmony and freedom in society depend. Thus, by acquiring knowledge, the child educated in Marseille who progresses in a Montessori school is able to live in society harmoniously. He will advocate respect for space and the freedom of his peers and will be concerned about the preservation of his natural environment through Montessori Nature type activities. The lessons given in these establishments are individualized and adapt to the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and pace of each learner.

This method of education is known around the world for its real effectiveness. It helps to boost the development of children’s potential. In fact, the learning environments of Montessori schools are very humanistic, stimulating and based onopening on the world. For more than a century, this learning technique has been proven and continues to convince more people with visible results. From the psychological approach to the educational values ​​taught, Montessori pedagogy in Marseille or anywhere else aims to accompany the children to make them individuals aware that they are capable of being the architects of their own success.

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It perfectly meets the expectations of Maria Montessori, and to the great happiness of many parents. Moreover, in 1907, the pedagogue proceeded to the creation of several children’s homes in Rome, in order to welcome and educate destitute children in the Italian capital. Very quickly, his works were translated from Italian into English and many Montessori schools were created in North America and in several countries around the world. Then, Maria Montessori decides to train other teachers in her pedagogy. This is how the great men of the moment like Graham Bell and Thomas Edison were brought on board. Through conferences in all continents, she made known her work which continues to help us years after her death.

The foundations of Montessori pedagogy

Maria Montessori emphasizes that thelearning of the individual is based on a natural curiosity and a love for knowledge. The most important thing, according to the renowned teacher, is to develop in each child the desire to learn. She thinks it doesn’t help much to instill in them a series of pre-established notions. According to this educational method, the degree of receptivity of a child depends on many parameters including his senses, as well as his physical and psychological characteristics.

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The five stages of a child’s development

  • From 0 to 3 years old, he is a spiritual embryo, and has an absorbing or unconscious mind.
  • From 3 to 6 years: it is a being with an absorbing mind who goes through sensitive periods of normalization.
  • From 6 to 12 years old: this is the period of childhood.
  • From 12 to 15 years old: the period of puberty.
  • From 15 to 18 years old: adolescence.

The most important of these periods “is between birth and six years, and not during university studies ”according to Maria Montessori. In addition, Montessori pedagogy distinguishes 5 different envelopes or dimensions of the child which are relative to the physical level, to the intellectual level, to the social level, to the spiritual level and to the emotional one. Each dimension is taken into account during the education process.

Enroll your child in a Montessori school in Marseille

In Montessori schools located in Marseille, teachers take care ofidentify the different stages of growth physical and mental health of your child. Thus, they take it into account during the learning period in order to obtain satisfactory results. These parameters determine the intensity of the effort that the child must provide to develop spiritually and intellectually.

Associating physical growth with psychic growth makes it possible to prepare children for adulthood. They are designed to respond well to all types of situations. The advantage of your child’s education in a Montessori school is its horizontality. The child will be considered as a whole being, equal to adults and treated as such. It is essential to respect the needs clean, independence and energy of the child, what succeeds so well Montessori pedagogy.

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