More clues about the foldable iPhone and the next iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2022

Apple is reportedly not testing one but several prototypes of foldable smartphones at this time, according to @dylandkt. Unfortunately, it would seem that too many compromises still have to be made to be able to bring such technology to the market at the brand. However, we know that Cupertino prefers wait in this kind of case, leaving the competition to wipe out bugs and criticisms until democratization. It was only then that the giant entered the track.

The launch of connected watches, biometric unlocking and even the arrival of waterproofing on mobile phones have in particular experienced a similar development. So we just have to hope that the machine is well and truly on the way, but beware of the punters: however, it happens that the plans of the Apple collapse, as we have seen with the AirPower wireless charging mat. .

Apple would monitor the market

For our informant of the day, Apple would also take the opportunity to carefully study the scope of the folding smartphone models currently on sale. Among them, we can notably mention the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. As for curved screens on mobile or even popup cameras, this novelty could indeed quickly dry up: remember that it is still fairly recent among the general public, and very expensive.

iPhone SE

Still according to the same source, the third generation iPhone SE is also in the boxes, as others also assume. It should be 5G compatible and have a improved proprietary processor with maybe more RAM, but so far it’s not surprising. The device should however keep the same design, which denotes with some testimonials that it was closer to the iPhone XR.

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In 2024 however, when it was then the fourth generation iPhone SE that would emerge, its format would indeed be similar to that of the iPhone 11 and others, with a notch. The home button with Touch ID would therefore be abandoned, in favor of a fingerprint sensor located this time on the edge of the laptop as is already the case on iPad Air 4.

The screen, however, would be more compact, and therefore could not exceed 6 inches. Those who already miss the mini line, which should be dropped with the iPhone 14, will appreciate it.

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