More contagious but less deadly? What is known about the Omicron variant at the moment

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With the premise that It is not yet time to let our guard down, much less forgetting all the precautions that we have maintained over the last few months, scientists emphasize that the first research on Ómicron suggest it could be more contagious, but less deadly that other variants of covid-19.

This premise, although encouraging, is the result of the first investigations on the variant by which South Africa issued the first warning voice towards the world.

United Kingdom, which also already shows cases of contagion by this variant, indicates that your first data shows that Omicron spreads much faster than other mutations, but shows signs of being less dangerous.

However, “it is still early days, but the data is beginning to arrive and suggests that the total number of covid-19 cases caused by the Omicron variant will exceed those of delta,” The Associated Press quotes Dr. Jacob Lemieus, head of the coronavirus monitoring in research conducted by Harvard University.

The information available indicates in a preliminary way that most cases are less severe to those that have caused previous mutations of the virus.

Less serious symptoms

Several global media have taken up a report from a hospital complex in Pretoria, South Africa, where Researchers found that their COVID-19 patients have less severe symptoms than those who had been treated previously, a trend that is repeated in other medical centers.

Such is the gentleness of these diseases that most of the infected patients were admitted for other ailments.

However, if doctors and scientists are emphatic about something, it is that there is no time to be more certain on the dangerousness of the variant.

Experts believe that there will be more cases of patients due to Omicron than due to previous variants, although they ask for patience so that there is certainty about the data that is known at the time.

So far, this variant has been shown as a highly contagious, but it is not yet known if the behavior it has had will be the same for all countries.

Another finding that has been found is that the positive cases have been mostly among vaccinated people.

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