Apple iPad More iPads will be able to physically unplug their...

More iPads will be able to physically unplug their microphone


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Last year, Apple announced a major innovation concerning the confidentiality of its tablets. Indeed, all their editions launched in 2020 offer a system that disconnects the microphone when the cover of a compatible shell is closed on the screen. This advantage thus makes it possible to guard against potential indiscreet eavesdropping with a simple movement.

The problem is that devices released before this date are not eligible for this solution. Since then, many disappointed users have reported their complaints on the brand’s forums. And with success, sinceiPadOS 14.5 Now supports more products, in its second beta. The complete list of changes is also available in this dedicated article.

Which iPads are affected?

Released by Apple, here is the list of iPads that are entitled to this “hardware” update:

  • 8th generation iPad (classic)
  • fourth generation iPad Air
  • Second generation iPad Pro with 11-inch display
  • Fourth generation iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display

The manufacturer has unfortunately not specified whether the models released before will also be entitled to the physical disconnection of the microphone. Note also that for your iPad to be entitled, you must also use a cover Smart Folio, according to the manufacturer. They are available for most iPad sizes.

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Privacy: Apple’s New El Dorado

This welcome improvement is far from the first offered by Cupertino to its users. If you follow our columns, you are indeed aware that it continues to share its support for the defense of personal data. A subject more and more in the front page, all the more so because the competition does not always play on the same table. Recently, it is thus the social network Facebook which was pinned on this subject (once again).

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For its part, Google (Alphabet) is also regularly singled out for its questionable use of information collected by the GPS of Android smartphones. However, efforts are being made to try to contain a public opinion increasingly unfavorable to the Mountain View giant, some of which directly Apple inspired.



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- Advertisement -More iPads will be able to physically unplug their microphoneMore iPads will be able to physically unplug their microphone

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- Advertisement -More iPads will be able to physically unplug their microphoneMore iPads will be able to physically unplug their microphone

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