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More technology and more efficient mechanics


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It is no secret that the Fiat Ducato is the ideal base for caravans. In just a decade, more than 500,000 families have chosen it in Europe and it is the “Best Camper Base of the Year” for the twelfth time in a row, so it is not surprising that the Italian firm wanted to give it an interesting facelift to reinforce his indisputable leadership.

Let’s remember that when we talk about camper we talk about a sector in constant growthAs this type of vehicle is increasingly seen as a lifestyle facilitator -especially this year with all the sanitary measures imposed by the COVID-19-, not only as a vehicle to use on vacation.

More technology and more efficient mechanics

Aesthetically, the changes are minimal, but the technological load of the model has increased markedly. Now we can find the latest ADAS devices to assist driving, such as Blind Spot Assist, Cross Traffic Assist, Active Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist and Road Sign Recognition traffic, among others.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, camper users can call the specific Customer Service Center and speak to one of the brand’s twenty Fiat Camper ambassadors in their own language.
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The most interesting news will be found under the hood, where we will see a fully electric version and highlights the introduction of a 2.3-liter MultiJet diesel engine with four power levels: 120, 140, 160 and 180 horses. Complies with strict regulations Euro 6d-TEMP and it comes associated with a new automatic transmission by a torque converter with nine ratios that reaches a record value of 450 Nm in the 180 HP version.

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More technology and more efficient mechanics

The model even now allows you to choose between three different driving modes: Normal; Echo, which provides a smoother throttle response and a specific gear shift strategy to allow further reduction in fuel economy; and PowerIt provides fast acceleration response and excellent gear changes for a pleasant ride and optimal performance even in demanding conditions.

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