More than 3 BTC have been exchanged on Telegram thanks to a bot from a Venezuelan developer

More than 3 BTC have been exchanged on Telegram thanks to a bot from a Venezuelan developer

Key facts:
  • Francisco Calderón, developer of the bot, received a scholarship a few weeks ago from the Human Rights Foundation.

  • More people using the bot or more sats exchanged could respond to the milestone.

The Telegram bot, through which you can buy and sell bitcoins (BTC) immediately, through the Lightning network and without having to identify yourself, has already managed to exchange more than 3 BTC. This is shown by the growth in the use of software developed by a Venezuelan programmer.

This is lnp2pBot, the bot created by developer Francisco Calderónwhich allows you to quickly buy and sell BTC for fiat money, through the Bitcoin micropayment network and through the aforementioned social network.

On Monday, they announced that they had reached a new trading record on the platform. Via Twitter, reported what 302,127,905 sats have been exchanged through lnp2pBota project inspired by the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

“More than 3 BTC have changed hands without custody and without KYC from the comfort of Telegram”, they celebrated.

More than 3 BTC have been exchanged on Telegram thanks to a bot from a Venezuelan developer
Lnp2pBot is a Telegram bot with which you can buy satoshis quickly and without KYC. Source: lnp2pBot.

To reach the mark of 3 BTC traded on the platform, it took just 20 days. In other words, it took just over three weeks for 100 million sats to move in lnp2pBot and add to what was registered to the beginning May, when they had already managed to exchange more than 2 BTC.

The first time the equivalent of 1 BTC (or 100 million satoshis) was exchanged was last March and by then about 214 days had passed since the release of lnp2pBot.

More people using lnp2pBot?

Taking into account that the times have been shortened to exchange the equivalent of 1 BTC, it is plausible to consider that more people are using lnp2pBot services on Telegram to buy or sell satoshis (the smallest measure of bitcoin) and get involved in the market.

And it makes sense if you take into account that the Bitcoin Lightning network has grown by 200% in the last year, allowing fast, automatic, cheap exchanges without great limitations.

It is also possible that transactions for more satoshis are being carried out with the bot, instead of more people using lnp2pBot. This would denote the bot’s ability to move millions of sats.

To find out more, CriptoNoticias contacted Francisco Calderón. The specialist affirms that from the first day the Telegram bot was launched, The number of users and orders completed by the system has been growing. However, he admits that the bot is at a time of high adoption, “a peak”, as he called it.

For him, both the number of people and the large amounts play a determining role in the growth of lnp2pBot.

“We have almost reached 5,000 users, of those we have 1,800 assets, the average number of orders per day has doubled, there have been a couple of larger operations than usual, but what makes the difference is the number of operations. daily”.

Francisco Calderón, developer and creator of lnp2pBot.

Calderón scholarship thanks to lnp2pBot

The milestone reached by lnp2pBot comes after its developer and creator Francisco Calderón (@negrunch) received a scholarship of 0.5 bitcoins to continue expanding and expanding his project.

As we reported in CriptoNoticias, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) granted the donation to the Venezuelan, who told us exclusively that the HRF recognizes that BTC helps protect human rights.

More than 3 BTC have been exchanged on Telegram thanks to a bot from a Venezuelan developer
Via Twitter they reported that more than 3 BTC had already been traded
in lnp2pBot. Source: Twitter.

As agreed, the grant is to work for lnlp2pBot, a platform that in recent days has also talked about improvements for the user experience.

Calderón maintains that having received the scholarship also promoted the use of lnp2pBot services, because it gave more visibility to the software, «something that we had not yet looked for until we had the communities ready». “But this has forced me to end development,” she commented.

The Venezuelan programmer He announced that among the improvements proposed for his bot is that of the communitiesbecause they will allow users to create their own channels, with local currencies, “so that people can operate in any country without having to ask me for permission.”

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