More than 75,000 euros for a one-of-a-kind iPhone

iPhone X USB-C

Last week, the famous iPhone X with USB-C port was seen on eBay at a price of $ 100,000. The device will not have finally reached this score, but still found a taker for $ 86,001, or the equivalent of more than 75,000 euros at the current exchange rate. 116 auctions made it possible to reach this figure, most of which took place during the first three days of the auction.

This model is an iPhone X. Offering a 5.8-inch Super Retina panel, the product therefore usually comes with a proprietary connector which allows you to connect it to a computer for updating, to transfer files to it, to plug in wired headphones (be careful, they come back to the front of the stage at a gallop) or quite simply to recharge its battery of 2 716 mAh: 50% in thirty minutes according to the manufacturer.


The creator of this real collector’s item assures us: he cannot be held responsible for any technical problem, the mobile being at the prototype stage although functional. Remember that this is a reference compatible with the latest version of iOS, but the designer here prefers to advise not to install an update to avoid bugging his registry.

The iPhone X, here provided with 64 GB of internal storage, offers 3 GB of RAM and embeds an Apple A11 Bionic processor engraved with a precision of ten nanometers. It is made up of six cores clocked at 2.39 GHz, the whole being accompanied by a graphics card also home. As for communications, they rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low consumption but not 5G on the menu.

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Watch out for changes …

If you also wanted to try such an experience on your own iPhone, be careful. It is indeed not uncommon to see Apple refuse to operate the warranty in the event of a problem when it was caused by operations that were a little too personalized. It is therefore better to settle for its Lightning port for the moment, or to equip yourself with an adapter in case of lack of suitable accessory. Anyway, soon, Cupertino smartphones could be forced to abandon their eight-pin plug by Europe …

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