Morgan Stanley Believes In $ 200 Apple Stock But Not Thanks To iPhone

Apple action en bourse

Apple is living well, and if the demand for the iPhone 13 is below last year, the Cupertino company has nevertheless completed a record year, with increasingly disparate sources of income. The App Store now accounts for more than $ 130 billion in revenue.

Thus, investors and other shareholders of Apple scrutinize the movements of APPL stock on Wall Street. According to investment bank Morgan Stanley, the latter could reach $ 200 in the coming years, in particular thanks to the development and marketing of all new products such as the Apple, because, scheduled for 2025 according to the latest rumors, and a Apple’s AR / VR headset, scheduled for release next year if we are to believe the most optimistic rumors.

The bank’s senior analyst, Katy Huberty said Apple should benefit from a small increase at the end of the year, thanks to the App Store or the iPhone. Still according to Huberty, the increasingly advanced development of projects around AR / VR as well as autonomous cars could allow the Cupertino company to experience new growth on the stock market. As a reminder, the APPL share is trading at the time of publication of the article around 170 dollars.

$ 200 in 2026 for Apple?

According to her, the successive arrivals of new products from Apple could eventually account for 6% of Apple’s turnover. Huberty takes 2026 as the base year, assuming product development will be complete by that date.

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In 2026, a VR headset could bring in an additional $ 330 billion for Apple. She therefore estimated that this additional profit will allow Apple to earn the 30 dollars it lacks to reach 200 dollars per share. The analyst’s calculations do not include the “Apple Car” project, given doubts about its launch date.

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