Mourinho loves De Paul

De Paul en el Real Sociedad-Atlético de la jornada 38ª de LaLiga 21-22. Mourinho le quiere.

Rodrigo de Paul is a coveted name in Italy. His good years at Udine, where in the last two seasons (he played for Udinese from 2016 to 2021) he was chosen as one of the Serie A midfielders, have left their mark. Last summer it was, until Griezmann’s return, the great signing of Atlético, who paid 40 million for his incorporation. With 28 years and contract until 2026, his season has gone from less to more. It ended on a high, but for many months, the De Paul in Italy and Argentina did not show up at the Metropolitano. His end of the season, yes, has been good, more coupled in the locker room, more important on the pitch. That causes his name to be on several club agendas for the next season. One is that of Rome. Mourinho’s.

Photo by DePaul

The Portuguese coach, brand new winner of the first Conference League in history, has requested his signing in a meeting he held with his general manager, Tiago Pinto, according to the Italian press. Roma need a substitute for Mkhitaria, who is leaving for Inter. De Paul, who tonight will play with his team the Final against Italy (the champion of the Copa América against the champion of the European Championship; in Spain through La 1, 8:45 p.m.) is once again a coveted piece in Serie A. Napoli or Inter are other clubs that have asked at the Metropolitan about him.

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A Simeone of the 21st century

But, in principle, and except for an unexpected twist, De Paul will continue at Atlético. His growth and his last few weeks are encouraging for a Simeone who signed him thinking that he would assume the stripes of a Gabi, his game so similar to the one that Simeone himself had when he was dressed in shorts. With courage, claw. And a fantastic foot for sending 50-meter drone passes. Mourinho knows it well. She has seen it. That’s why she loves him.


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