MQB-A0 platform and 380 liters of luggage compartment

MQB-A0 platform and 380 liters of luggage compartment

As you we announced at the end of 2020, during this 2021 the new Fabia, although it was not until today that Škoda offers us the first image of the fourth generation Fabia.

As you can see in this first image, the roof line hints at the new vehicle proportions, a model that now sits on the modular platform MQB-A0 of the Volkswagen Group.

According to the Volkswagen Group, this platform improves interior space and supports the use of next-generation assistance systems and connectivity functions.

From the brand they have told us that the model will be powered by latest generation gasoline engines. The world premiere of the new generation is scheduled for spring 2021 and the arrival at dealerships is scheduled for the last quarter of the year.

Thanks to the new platform, the new Fabia will be larger than its predecessor in all its dimensions. The trunk volume has increased by 50 liters to 380 liters.

The body structure is even stiffer improving passive safety, as well as the option to install numerous state-of-the-art assistance systems, previously only available in higher segments.

The new Fabia will mount the new EVO engines from the Volkswagen Group and they may be associated with manual or automatic DSG7 gearboxes thanks to which they will transfer performance to the front axle.

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